Big Money Fox News Lies About Feeble Candidates, Crime & Immigration

Virginia Woolf with Tears

Fox News, owned by corrupt billionaire Rupert Murdoch, one of the richest people in the world, works hard to keep billionaires superrich, Republican puppet politicians in power, and regular Americans poor and struggling.

  • Fox captured a large part of America’s media market by buying the rights to football games.
  • Fox constantly parrots lying Republican Big Money talking points.

Weak, Feeble Presidential Candidates

Fox constantly lies claiming Biden is weak, feeble, in mental decline, bad for America and bad for America’s standing in the world.

The truth is Biden works out 5 times a week and regularly rides bikes.

  • Biden only looks frail because significant arthritis in his spine and neuropathy in his feet gives him a stiff, shuffling way of walking.
  • Fox News clips together video clips of every trip or fall, hesitation or misspoken word of Biden, repeats them over and over again, and plays them constantly.
  • The outright lies by Fox News have convinced far too many Americans that Biden has dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Meanwhile, Fox News completely ignores alarming evidence of Trump’s mental decline.  Trump sometimes loses track at rallies and utters garbled nonsense.  Examples include:

  • “We’ll re-ve-du.  Ohhh.”
  • “Just last week it was reported that an illegal adlinthin– and you just look at this, what’s happening.”
  • “Like ding, boom.  This is me.  I here bing!”
  • Biden’s “1.2 trillion dollars for their fake infrastrucker, ershure para.”
  • “We are a nation that just heard Saudi Arabia and Russia will ree bee cue uhhh.”
  • “I take Master Lock a toe peen, ice lotsa nice little puzzles ya put’m.”

Fox News also ignores Trump’s over 30,000 lies just while serving in the White House and evidence of his physical weakness, mistakes, and nonsense, such as:

  • walking haltingly down a ramp
  • struggling to hold a water glass
  • claiming Nancy Pelosi caused the January 6th riot
  • confusing Presidents Obama and Biden 8 different times
  • often confusing US politicians, world leaders, countries and cities
  • calling his wife Mercedes instead of Melania
  • confusing his rape victim E. Jean Carroll with his former wife Marla Maples
  • thinking the country of Argentina was a person: “Even Argentina, they went MAGA, you know Argentina, great guy, he’s a big Trump guy, he loves Trump, I love him cuz he loves Trump, when he called, I took his call, anybody that loves Trump, I like them.”
  • saying: We’re going to take over Washington, D.C. We’re going to federalize. We’re going to have very powerful crime, and you’re going to be proud of it again.”
  • “They want you to say what they want you, what they want to have you say.  And we’re not gonna let that happen.”
  • claiming “millions of people” are arriving from “places unknown” speaking no language.
  • saying he would stop banks from “debanking” Americans
  • claiming “they” are going to take your cars away
  • bragging about putting his pants on himself, claiming the “toughest business people” are in awe of his ability and beg to know how he does it
  • “When I’m president, I will use Title 42 to end the tri—and we have to do this.”
  • In his press conference after being declared guilty of 34 felonies in his hush money trial, Trump described Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg looking “so nice and so soft” and claimed witnesses were “literally crucified.”

Trump is fat, selfish, and never cared about learning.  When Trump was president, they had to draw pictures for him for their White House intelligence briefings.

Big Money Fox News wants Trump in charge so bad to keep billionaires superrich and the rest of us struggling, one host called Trump a “sex god” because of his many affairs, even though:

  • Trump assaulted 27 different women.
  • Many of these women presented good evidence for their claims.

Both Biden and Trump have some gaffes.  But Trump’s mistakes are far more frequent and worse.

Wisdom, Judgment, and Character Are Far More Important

Trump is a dangerous master of the Othering/Demonizing/Dehumanizing that incites hate and violence. 

  • He often endorses violence.
  • Hate is central to his appeal.
  • Crowds roar at each of his mean statements, calls to action, or policy suggestions.
  • These things go against everything Jesus taught and incite violence.

Fox ignores Trump’s dangerous and idiotic suggestions:

  • use bleach in people’s veins for covid
  • repeatedly urging using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from hitting the US
  • execute shoplifters, looters, and people who sell drugs without trials
  • shoot immigrants in the legs without trials
  • shoot protestors on the street without trials
  • execute Mark Milley, his own highest ranking military officer
  • describe the January 6th insurrection as a beautiful day full of love, describing the violent jailed rioters who attacked police officers as hostages, promising to pardon them and set them all free.
  • often praising Putin and other vicious dictators around the world who murder and torture opponents
  • inviting Putin and Russia to invade NATO countries
  • threatening to indict and jail the Biden family, political opponents, and even his own former officials and allies who have criticized him
  • planning to use government powers to crush any media that criticizes him
  • praise Putin and other vicious dictators who murder and torture opponents

Trump said Philippine president Duterte did a “great job” using death squads to kill 12,000 people.

Trump has often said he would refuse federal money to any school that requires vaccines.

  • All elementary schools require vaccines.
  • Ending this would create a public health crisis.

Fox pretends all of Trump’s 88 felony court cases, are nothing but witch hunts trying to destroy him because he is so popular.

  • Grand juries of regular Americans already found Trump’s 88 felony charges worthy of prosecution and jury trials.

If you only watched Fox for news, you wouldn’t know anything about the January 6th Committee’s massive damaging evidence that Trump spent months and months trying to overturn our democracy in 7 different ways.

  • Nearly all the Sept 6th Congressional Committee evidence came directly from Trump’s own extremely loyal top officials.
  • The evidence showed Trump knew there were plenty of guns and other weapons in the January 6thcrowd, yet he deliberately stoked the violent insurrection again and again with talk about the need to fight.
  • In the middle of the insurrection, Trump even tweeted Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what was needed, immediately triggering the rioters to chant “Hang Mike Pence” and build a guillotine for Pence.

Lies About Immigration & Crime

Fox constantly lies about immigration and crime to create hysteria and blame Biden and Democrats for destroying our country by supposedly opening our border to murderers, rapists, and thugs.

For example, Biden just made it easier for immigrants married to American citizens and already living here for over 10 years to work and become citizens.

  • Many of these people have American children, have been working here for many years, or have started businesses.
  • Yet in response, Fox pretends the issue is an invasion on the border, drug cartels infiltrating the US, white people being replaced, and even mug shots of the rare immigrants who commit crimes.

But there is no open border.

  • Under Biden in 2022, we removed, returned, and kicked out the highest number of noncitizens in decades!

Yet Fox News constantly repeats and harps on rare stories of immigrant crime to create fear and anger toward Democrats.  This is how corrupt billionaires hope to stay in power.

Immigration, Crime, & Jobs

There is no hostile immigrant invasion and no immigrant crime wave.

  • 150 years of evidence shows immigrants commit less crimes, and especially less violent crimes, than regular US-born Americans.
  • A 2018 study in the journal Criminology found states with more undocumented immigrants had significant decreases in violence.

Government and other studies consistently show immigrants don’t steal job or lower wages, they create more jobs by their work and spending.

  • New studies show recent surges in immigration were a huge factor in our incredible economic recovery from the covid economic collapse.
  • The Congressional Budget Office reports immigration is a main driver of job growth and over the next decade, immigration will create $9 trillion in economic growth.
  • Immigrants normally revitalize communities, decreasing crime rates and improving property values.

Our economy would collapse without the immigrants that already work in our agriculture, meat packing, food service, construction industries, hospitals, nursing homes, hospitality industry, etc.

  • Deporting millions of immigrants would shrink our economy (gross domestic product), push millions more US families into poverty, and destroy US jobs.
  • Government studies show immigrants pay billions of dollars more in taxes than they use.
  • We should be welcoming immigrants because they strengthen our economy.
  • We especially need immigrants because of our aging workforce, low fertility rate, and declining population.
  • We are going to need immigrants more and more in the future.
  • Most immigrants (77%) are of working ages (18 to 64 years old).
  • Elderly, sick, and weak people don’t trek across the world to find a better, safer life. Healthy workers do.