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American Dream

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We live in the richest country in the world, richer than ever before, with far more millionaires (9.63 million) and billionaires (571) than any other country.

  • In New York City alone, there are approximately 370,000 millionaires.
  • Our $17 trillion economy is the highest in the world and the highest it has ever been.

Many politicians claim we don’t have the money for jobs programs, but all economics textbooks say government spending grows the economy by putting more money in the pockets of everyday Americans.

Anything that increases spending by average Americans, such as raising the minimum wage, helps our economy because 70% of our economy is consumer spending.

Again and again, history shows cutting government spending only hurts the economy.

That is why over 350 prominent US economists denounced Congress’s budget cuts, arguing budget cuts hurt the economy.

These economists argue we can grow our economy, increase revenues, and lower the deficit by spending more on:

  • education
  • infrastructure
  • high speed internet
  • a smart grid
  • public transportation
  • energy efficiency
  • renewable energy
  • research

We must create jobs to invest in our country in these ways and in the future of our people.

  • Our government can borrow money very cheaply.
  • US Government bonds are, by far, the safest investment in the world.
  • Also, our companies and our superrich have massive, untaxed savings and wealth.
  • We can easily afford it.

Now is the time to end war, rebuild our infrastructure, educate our children better, and create jobs.

Our government once spent immense amounts of money developing our infrastructure and investing in education and research.  Government spending

  • built our schools, cities, bridges, and highways
  • made college very affordable
  • made us the world’s leader in the sciences
  • and sent men to the moon.

Let’s invest in our future and grow our economy with jobs programs.

Investing far more in education, infrastructure, energy efficiency, high-speed internet, and research will make America competitive again.

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