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$100 Not For Bribing Politicians

The First Priority in Beating Corrupt Politicians & Billionaires

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The FIRST PRIORITY is taking money out of politics.  Otherwise, nothing will change.

  • Researchers believe lobbying is a $7 billion industry in America.
  • Pharmaceutical companies alone have spent $4.2 billion over the last 20 years lobbying.
  • And every $1 spent by our largest, most politically active corporations pays off in $760 from the government.

Lobbying or advocating for policies is protected by the First Amendment.

But you shouldn’t be allowed to lobby and run campaign fundraisers or use favors, donations, gifts, or job offers to a politician in any way.

  • This type of bribery is illegal in all other Western democracies.

More and more of our politicians leave and then use their contacts to become lobbyists, getting a massive raise.

  • In the 1970s, less than 5% of retiring legislators became lobbyists.
  • Now ½ of retiring Senators and 1/3 of retiring members of the House of Representatives do.
  • When they become lobbyists, their pay increases average 1,452%!

We Must:

  • End Big Money In Political Campaigns
  • End the Use of Money, Campaign Fundraisers, Favors, Gifts, & Lucrative Job Offers in Lobbying
  • Ban Politicians and Judges from Lobbying for Companies and Trade Groups for Life
  • End Corporate Executives Running Government (The Revolving Door) and Politicians on For-Profit Corporate Boards
  • Require Presidents & Vice Presidents to Divest Businesses & Assets that Can Pose Conflicts of Interest

We should also tighten our rules to include the “shadow” lobbyists.

  • Registered lobbyists only spend $3.4 billion a year.
  • But loopholes and poor enforcement mean many people who don’t register as lobbyists and don’t report their payments from clients can make millions of dollars each year.
  • Now former government or military officials call themselves advisors, consultants, or specialists in policy, public relations, or government relations or affairs.
  • They may work for multibillion-dollar conglomerates cashing in on the lucrative business of political consulting for think tanks, special-interest trade groups, or even fake, corporate-sponsored grassroots advocacy campaigns.
  • These people are buying up multi-million dollar mansions in suburbs of Washington DC.
  • Now 4 out of the richest 5 counties in the US are Washington D.C. suburbs. Luxury carmakers Tesla and Aston Martin opened showrooms there to meet the demand.
  • Some of them are even forging letters and emails, pretending to be concerned citizens and organizations, flooding public input for new policies like cancelling net neutrality with fake “opinions” that corporations prefer.

Eliminating Money in Politics Will Make Change Easy

Once we make these changes, it will be easy to make the changes most Americans want:

  • Free Health Care & Medicines
  • Free College
  • Strengthen Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid
  • End Our Wars Creating Terrorists
  • $15 Minimum Wage
  • End Jail For Debt & Minor Crimes
  • End Union-Destroying “Right To Work” Laws
  • Eliminate Student Debt
  • Invest in Our Infrastructure
  • Invest in Research to Keep us Competitive Worldwide

Only Democrats support campaign finance reform, so we need to put Democrats in power.

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