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Evil Billionaires

Stole the

American Dream

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Most millionaires are hard-working professionals who support increasing the minimum wage and higher taxes on the richest of the rich.  They understand that extreme inequality sabotages consumer spending and our economy.

But a secretive group of greedy billionaires and mega-millionaires led by the extremely corrupt billionaires David and Charles Koch stole the American Dream.

Because of their constant lobbying, campaign funding, and media manipulation over the last 40 years, average Americans no longer have:

  • quality education
  • job training programs
  • opportunity to climb the social ladder
  • paid vacations & sick leave
  • retirement plans or savings
  • affordable health care
  • good-paying jobs
  • affordable college
  • affordable housing

Lobbying with fundraising for political campaigns or lucrative job offers to politicians (as future lobbyists or industry executives) is bribery made legal.  All other Western democracies outlaw these things.

CEOs hoard money in retirement accounts, stock options, and hidden bonuses and move money overseas while corporations plead poor and cut worker health and retirement benefits.

Greedy billionaires and mega-millionaires have hoarded all the wealth, shrunk the middle class, and fundamentally changed our country.

  • The wealthiest 1/10th of 1% of Americans now own nearly as much as the bottom 90%.
  • Our federal government now spends less on social services and public investments than it has at any time since 1947.
  • Because of Trump, our laws now tax corporations at only 21%, their lowest tax rate since 1939.
  • Corporations don’t even pay this rate, however. They use so many tax loopholes, their effective rate is just 18%.

Because of the greed and lobbying of these corrupt billionaires, now:

  • Few families can survive without both parents working.
  • Companies hire mostly part-time workers to avoid paying health care and retirement benefits.
  • Four in 10 Americans struggle to pay for basic needs like groceries, housing, utilities, or health care.
  • Nearly half of us can’t afford a $400 emergency.
  • Almost 1 in 5 Americans report not filling a prescription because of the cost.
  • We have the highest rates of poverty in youth, people in jail, and babies dying of any country in the developed world.
  • The percentage of poor children in the US population is larger than it is in even Russia and is over 3 times the percentage in Norway or the Netherlands.
  • Many students who graduate college have so much debt, they can’t buy cars, homes, or start families.
  • Our income inequality is much worse than any of the next 15 richest countries.

And the cost of housing, health care, and medicines are skyrocketing.

In 33 states and Washington DC, child care for babies costs even more than in-state public college tuition.

These greedy billionaires even force us taxpayers to support their workers.

  • Walmart profits over $17 billion a year, yet US taxpayers actually pay $6.2 billion each year for healthcare and other government assistance to Walmart’s poor employees.
  • In many states, needy Walmart employees are the top recipients of Medicaid. In some Walmart stores, 80% of the employees must use food stamps.
  • US taxpayers also pay nearly $7 billion for public assistance to needy fast-food workers.
  • McDonald’s alone costs US taxpayers $1.2 billion each year because of its low pay, while McDonald’s made $5.5 billion and its CEO made $13.7 million last year.
  • More than half of all fast food workers, child-care workers, and home health aides need help from government programs to get by.
  • Out of all hotel, food and drink service, theme park, transportation, and cruise line workers and even part-time college faculty, 1 out of 4 needs government assistance to get by.
  • Even government workers in places like the Pentagon, the Smithsonian, and national parks often need government assistance and qualify for food stamps and Medicaid.
  • Contractors hire about 8 million workers through $3.1 trillion in federal contracts, yet pay poverty wages and skim off massive profits.
  • All told, major corporations pay so little now that their employees cost US taxpayers an average of $153 billion a year in Medicaid, food stamps, and other public assistance.

The greediest of the superrich have dragged us back into the law of the jungle, where might makes right and the poor and weak are left behind.

The working poor now have no lifeline to help lift themselves up and face terrible schools, high rents for terrible apartments and homes, and part-time jobs that don’t pay a living wage.

They have no health or retirement benefits, sky-high interest rates on payday loans, and recurring bank overdraft fees.  Now 35% of Americans are hounded by collection agencies over unpaid debts.

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