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Help Crush Trump & Republicans In Our Election!

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We Can

Make A Difference

Democracy is very powerful.  Public opinion drives policy.  Awareness/education is key.
Let’s SPREAD THE WORD and RAISE AWARENESS about Trump, MEAN Republican policies and Progressive Democratic policies based on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL.
We Have 11 Progressive Bumper Stickers:
4 Expose Trump         4 Expose Republicans or Contrast Them with Democrats         2 Emphasize Moral Choices         1 Shows Hope

4 Expose Trump Bumper Stickers:


Mean Trump Bumper Sticker: We Are Better Than This!
Mean Trump Bumper Sticker: Denial & Failures Caused Most U.S. Covid Deaths
Mean Trump Bumper Sticker: Cuts To Health Care, Food Stamps During Pandemic
Mean Trump Bumper Sticker: Bully, Bigot, Hate, Lies, Crimes, Sex Abuse, Mafia, Oligarch Partners

4 Expose Republicans or Contrast Them with Democrats:


$100 Not For Bribing Politicians: Billionaires, Republicans Stole The American Dream (Job Benefits)
$100 Not For Bribing Politicians: Republicans Have No Small Donors = Billionaire Puppets
Dove Of Peace, Mean Trump: Democrat: Paid Health, Child Care, Vacation, Sick, Newborn vs. Republican: Endless Cuts For Billionaires
Snowy Egret, Mean Trump: Democrat: Green New Deal vs. Republican: Ever More Pollution, Illness

2 Emphasize Moral Choices:


Jesus: Republican: Mean, Evil vs. Democrat: Love In Action
Jesus: Water, Food, Health Care, Education, Benefits, Not War!

1 Shows Hope:


Dove Of Peace, Mean Trump: RISE UP, If Young People Vote, We Can Have It All!

Our $6.00 Bumper Stickers include the cost of shipping & handling.  You can pre-order them here on our Kickstarter campaign until October 5.  Kickstarter won’t charge you until the end of the campaign on October 5, 2020.  Even then, you won’t be charged unless we meet our goal.

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