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Celestial & Rainbow Dove Of Peace Quilt

Celestial & Rainbow Dove Of Peace Quilt

Celestial & Rainbow Dove Of Peace Quilt In Sunlight
quilt Trapunto moon
3 quilt stitches
lightning stitch

Celestial & Rainbow Dove Of Peace Quilt Details:

Author Chuck Falcon designed this unique, one-of-a-kind quilt and commissioned two expert quilters to make it using fabrics from the Hoffman Bali Watercolors Style 1895 Batik Collection.  It uses their sapphire, grape juice, cobalt, pine, citrine, cardinal, and squash colors and their shiny white base.  
The quilt measures 35 inches in both height and width.  It is designed as an art quilt for the wall, with a wide pocket open on both ends on the upper back for inserting a rod to hang it.  It also has small weights inside the bottom to keep it falling flat.
The moon and dove are both very generously overstuffed Trapunto for dramatic height and relief.  The sun has a diamond stitch pattern visible on the bottom left picture and the deep blue night sky has a lightning stitch pattern best visible in the bottom right picture.
If you are interested in acquiring this very unique quilt in our private bid auction, please send your offer and name, address, and phone number to

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