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The Rich Bribing Congress

Corrupt Politicians: Puppets Of Greedy Billionaires

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Congress & Our Government Are Corrupt Because Of:

  • Lobbying
  • Campaign funding
  • Revolving door politics: corporate executives becoming government officials and vice versa
    Lobbying is bribery made legal.  All other Western democracies outlaw it. Experts estimate corporations spend $9 billion a year lobbying Congress!

Corporations & The Rich Keep Paying Far Less Taxes, Generation After Generation:

  • Between 1951 and 1963, the richest people paid an income tax of 91% on just the extra money earned beyond their lower tax brackets.
  • Now most superrich people pay far less than even their servants or the working poor, using expensive lawyers, estate planners, and trust funds.
  • Between 1916 and 1975, we had a top estate tax rate of 77% on the very largest inheritances.  Now the superrich can literally pass billions of dollars to their children untaxed.
  • In 1943, corporations paid 40% of all government’s federal income tax revenue.  Now one in five large, profitable corporations pays no federal taxes.  Now corporations only pay 9% of all federal revenue.
  • Because of all this, we regular Americans now pay the vast majority of the tax burden and get far less from our government for it!
  • And all this was before Trump’s massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

This Stole The American Dream.  Because Of Corruption, Average Americans No Longer Have:

  • quality education
  • job training programs
  • opportunity to climb the social ladder
  • retirement plans or savings
  • health care from work
  • good-paying jobs
  • affordable college
  • affordable rent for homes

Now few families can survive without both parents working. And the cost of housing, health care, and medicines are skyrocketing.

Using campaign donations, armies of lobbyists, and think tanks, greedy billionaires dictate the policies they want in every area of life, including taxes, energy, banking, defense contracting, telecommunications, and healthcare and medicine industries.

Republicans (And Many Democrats) Follow The Orders Of Their Greedy Billionaire Donors, Controlled Like Puppets Or Slaves:

 Republicans in Congress no longer fund their campaigns in small amounts. They can’t even run their campaigns without massive funding from a dozen or so billionaire donors.

Those greedy billionaires FORCED Republicans to pass huge extra tax breaks for the super wealthy in 2017. The donors actually told Republican members of Congress, if you don’t pass these tax cuts, we won’t give you campaign funds in 2018!

Republicans knew the tax bill was extremely unpopular because it would throw 13 million people off of their health insurance and cut Medicare by $400 billion.

They knew hurting Americans this way in order to further enrich the wealthy might even result in Republicans losing both houses of Congress in the mid-term elections of 2018. BUT THEY HAD NO CHOICE!

The greedy billionaires, led by Charles and David Koch, spent $20 million to get the tax law passed. And soon after it passed, Charles Koch donated nearly $1 million dollars to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

What Kind Of People Are These Billionaires Controlling Our Country?

Most of them make their money from fossil fuels, massive industries, hedge funds, banking, financial services, or real estate development. These people benefit from our massive subsidies for dirty fossil fuels or from the massive tax loopholes detailed in our chapter “Rigged For The Rich.”

Their wealth depends on making sure our government stays rigged for the rich. They are America’s ruling class, the very, very few, extremely wealthy people who hold the most power, like the kings and queens of Medieval Europe. These people can afford many mansions each and all kinds of extravagant luxuries.

For example, hedge fund billionaire Republican donor Ken Griffin has an average monthly after-tax income of $68.5 million. He held his wedding reception at Versailles, the historic palace of French kings outside Paris, and hired Donna Summer to perform. Katy Perry performed at his hedge fund’s 25th birthday party.

Hedge fund billionaire Republican donor Paul Singer buys up the debt of both countries and cities facing massive debts for pennies on the dollar, then sues and forces them to cut money for health, education, and pensions to pay him back. He even bought the debt of Lehman Brothers during our financial crisis and made a massive amount of money from our government bailout.

Hedge fund billionaire Republican donor Robert Mercer uses computer algorithms and high frequency trading to cheat regular Americans on the stock market. He complained America started going wrong after passing the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s. He funded Donald Trump’s rise, Steve Bannon, and the white-nationalist Breitbart News.

Mercer’s staff recently sued him for failing to pay overtime and for docking pay for failing to replace shampoos and other toiletries if the bottle had less than 1/3 remaining, for failing to level pictures, and for improperly counting beverages.

Casino billionaire Republican donor Sheldon Adelson has links to Asian mafias in his casinos in China and has been investigated for bribing foreign governments. He paid a $47 million settlement in 2013 to end an investigation into money laundering for the vicious, murderous Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel.

The fossil fuel billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch lead a coalition of approximately 450 Republican superrich donors to sabotage our democracy. Each of the two Koch brothers makes about $1.8 million per hour.

Koch businesses are the largest producers of toxic waste in the US and they’ve had to pay $400 million in fines for massive chemical waste releases and disasters. They’ve caused emergencies and deaths by refusing to pay for business safety measures.

Read our chapter “How Greedy, Lawbreaking Billionaires Stole The American Dream,” on this website to see how the Koch brothers and their wealthy friends have been manipulating public opinion for decades.

The Koch brothers and their wealthy friends have successfully turned many Americans against minimum wage laws, health care for all, unions, big government, public assistance, Social Security, Medicare, the Environmental Protection Agency, and climate science.

They funded the Republican wave in Congress in 2010, Mitch McConnell, and House speaker Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan, who claims to be a devout Catholic, admits he’s been dreaming about cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ever since he was a frat boy in college drinking kegs with his friends.

The Koch coalition spent nearly $1 billion manipulating the 2016 elections and plan to spend $400 million manipulating the 2018 elections. They funded the Republican gerrymandering that makes it difficult for Democratic candidates to win seats in Congress despite winning the popular vote.

Now they are in charge, with Trump stacking his cabinet with billionaires, corporate executives and bought-out politicians who hate and want to destroy the agencies they run, and people funded by the Koch coalition, like CIA head Mike Pompeo and budget director Mick Mulvaney.

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