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Trump's mean scowl

Big Money Politics Kills

& Stole The

American Dream

Bill Clinton

The 2017 Republican tax cuts for the rich cost $1.9 TRILLION.


Republicans refused to pay just $15 billion for 8.9 million sick and disabled children’s health care, including kids with cancer!

  • While spending $1.9 TRILLION on tax cuts for the wealthy, Republicans claimed there was just no money for the children’s medical needs.
  • Previously, married couples with estates of $11 million or less paid no inheritance tax.  But that wasn’t good enough for Republicans!
  • As part of the massive tax cut, Republicans doubled how much rich heirs could inherit tax free, so now the children of married coupled with estates of up to $23.4 million pay no inheritance tax.
  • This one change alone cost $20 billion, $5 billion more than the total $15 billion cost of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the program for the 8.9 million sick and disabled kids.
  • AT THE SAME TIME, they pretended they just couldn’t afford children’s healthcare.

Big Money Politicians Let People Die & Screw Our Economy:

Many Republican governors and state legislatures choose to LET THEIR PEOPLE DIE and have weaker economies by refusing to expand Medicaid.

  • Research shows expanding Medicaid SAVES LIVES and also boosts state economies by reducing state public healthcare spending, reducing medical debt, and increasing employment, income, tax revenue, and consumer spending.
  • Yet in 12 states, Republicans have REFUSED to expand Medicaid, despite our federal government’s offer to pay 95% of the cost for the first 2 years and 90% of the cost after that.
  • Overall, because of the minimal state costs, these states refusing the health care expansion actually lose money.

Inequality makes our economy weaker.

  • Most of our economy, 70%, is consumer spending.
  • So our economy does best when average workers have money to spend.

But BIG MONEY POLITICIANS OF BOTH PARTIES have spent decades giving tax breaks to the wealthy and to corporations, while constantly cutting government and social services.

  • According to the RAND Corporation, over the last 40 years, the middle and lower classes, the bottom 90% of Americans have lost $50 trillion to the richest Americans, especially to the richest 1% and .1%.
  • If it weren’t for the rich taking nearly all the profits in our economy, this massive growth of inequality over the last 40 years, if all incomes just kept up with US economic growth, every full-time worker making $50,000 a year or less would now be making over twice as much as they do now.
  • So tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations have stolen $50 trillion from the middle and lower classes and given it to billionaires and millionaires, making them far, far richer.
  • This has shrunk the middle class, pushed more people into poverty, and weakened our economy because the average person has less money to spend.
  • In the early 1980s, the beginning of the Reagan presidency, only 18% of Americans were so poor, they didn’t have to pay taxes.  By 2012, 47% of Americans were so poor, they didn’t have to pay taxes.  This year, an estimated 61% of working Americans won’t have to pay taxes and will struggle just to cover rent and food.

GREEDY, CORRUPT BILLIONAIRES have used Big Money Republican and Democrat PUPPETS in Congress to cut government and social services and steal all the profits in our economy for the last 40 years.

  • President Ronald Reagan began screwing average Americans to make the rich far richer.  He chopped the top tax rate for billionaires and corporations from 74% to around 28%.  At the same time, he greatly raised taxes for working-class people, started taxing Social Security and unemployment income, and raised the retirement age for Social Security.
  • Bill Clinton campaigned promising to “end welfare as we know it.”  He made it much harder to get welfare and much easier for states to spend welfare money on other things or even not spend it at all.  He also made massive cuts to public housing and turned housing support into vouchers most landlords refuse.
  • So Bill Clinton was the first major Big Money Democrat, leading the way for Democrats to rake in campaign funds from the superrich and corporations just like Republicans.
  • Moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are just as bad as Republican puppets in Congress. They are really Big Money Democrat billionaire puppets.
  • Joe Manchin has millions of dollars of personal investments in coal and has raked in money from defense, coal, oil, gas, health insurance, pharmaceutical, and financial corporations.
  • Kyrsten Sinema has raked in money from business organizations and pharmaceutical, defense, entertainment, financial, and manufacturing corporations.

When it comes to spending money to help poor and middle-class Americans, Republicans say: Whoah, NO WAY, That’s out of bounds! That’s socialism, communism! We can’t AFFORD THAT! They constantly claim we have to cut government and social services.

  • When people can’t afford health care or medicines, some of them die.
  • For decades, Republicans have been constantly cutting Social Security and Medicaid and trying to cut Medicare.
  • Republicans sabotage every Democratic attempt to help Americans or our economy, just so they can blame Democrats for a weak economy, make Americans angry, and get back in power.
  • But when Republicans are in power, all they do is pass massive tax cuts for the rich and cut social services.

What would Republicans do if they were in power again?

Republicans have proven over and over they don’t care about ordinary Americans or our economy.  They only care about the wealthy donors that fund their campaigns.

In June 2022, Republicans released a document called “Blueprint to Save America” that described their budget plans.  They plan to:

  • cut the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance program, which helps poor families heat and cool their homes
  • raise the retirement age for Social Security every year by 3 months
  • block all efforts to lower the price of prescription medicines
  • cut funding for all food stamp and school meal programs
  • cutting the Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • restrict abortion nationwide
  • eliminate the National Labor Relations board that protects the rights of workers and unions
  • eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that protects consumers from fraud

What would Trump do if they were in power again?

You can tell by looking at Trump’s 2021 budget proposal. Trump tried to cut $1.6 trillion from:

  • Medicaid
  • Social Security Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • the Affordable Care Act (health care)
  • SNAP (food stamps)
  • public health
  • education
  • housing assistance
  • home energy assistance
  • infrastructure
  • justice and law enforcement
  • job training
  • legal aid to the poor
  • scientific research
  • environmental protection

Trump’s planned cuts mostly targeted programs that helped low- and moderate-income households.  These cuts would have shrunk our non-defense spending to the lowest level since the late 1920s relative to the size of our economy.  It also would have:

  • cut millions of people off of health care
  • increased health care costs for millions more
  • cut money for kindergarten, elementary, and high schools
  • cut money for school meal programs
  • made it harder for struggling families to put food on the table
  • cut programs for homeless people and victims of domestic violence
  • cut disability benefits, causing hardship for all disabled people and families caring for children with disabilities

The Corrupt Billionaires Are The Ones Who:

  • pollute our air, waters, and earth, then claim corporate bankruptcy and close companies to avoid paying for it
  • destroyed our unions
  • eliminated job benefits for most people
  • always fight decent pay or universal health, education or job benefits
  • cut social services
  • sent dozens of test cases to the Supreme Court until they won the right to buy our elections and Supreme Court judges
  • took all our economic growth and put it into corporate profits and personal accounts overseas instead of paying decent wages

These billionaires constantly use focus groups to create effective messages to keep their coalition together.  They raise hysteria about:

  • the “lazy” poor
  • welfare queens
  • crime
  • immigration
  • abortion
  • taking our guns away
  • socialism or communism

in order to divide Americans and stay in power.

This has worked amazingly well for the corrupt billionaires!  Ranting about the “lazy” poor has convinced many Americans to cut government services.

Many white people believe lazy blacks and immigrants are living on welfare on our tax money.  They don’t realize most people on welfare are white and immigrants pay $12 billion more into Medicare and Social Security than they use each year.

Cutting government services just means that our government no longer lends a helping hand to lift people down on their luck up out of poverty.  Cutting services actually crushes the middle class and forces more people into poverty.

These corrupt billionaires will use these traditional issues again in the next election, plus their newest tools —hysteria over:

  • mask mandates
  • vaccine mandates
  • transsexual children
  • supposed “critical race theory” in schools

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