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Win Back The American Dream

Peace & Prosperity: A Choice

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Imagine clean water, food, free health care, free medicines, education, and shelter for all, worldwide.

  • 30 countries already have free college.

  • 24 countries already have free health care.

  • 5 countries already have free medicines.

Why don’t we have all the great benefits listed on the home page that many or most countries worldwide already have? 

We WASTE trillions of dollars on war, which just creates more terrorists.  EVERY place we had wars or drones, terrorism SKYROCKETED!  Funding food, water, healthcare & education would be far more effective.

CORRUPT MONEY POLITICS eliminated most taxes for billionaires and corporations and gutted our education, infrastructure, decent pay, Social Security, and social services.  Now some Americans work two jobs yet live in homeless shelters!

Lift People Up For A Peaceful America

  • Our government used to be far better at helping our people succeed when they were down and out.
  • We used to have free or very cheap college and far more job benefits.
  • Many European nations have more loving (more Christian) policies with more social services.
  • Nations like Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Iceland have new parent leave, good affordable child care and education, health care for all, and good retirement benefits.
  • They regulate companies to make sure people get plenty of time for vacations, family life, sports, and hobbies.
  • Studies show these countries have less stress, violence, bullying in school, chronic illness, obesity, and drug and alcohol addictions.
  • For example, Americans trust each other less than half as often as people do in Sweden.
  • More equal developed countries often have as little as 1/3 the rate of mental illness and 1/10th the violence of countries with great wealth inequality like ours.
  • Because these countries take better care of everyone, they’ve become the real lands of opportunity, where over 80% of people rise in economic class above their parents.


What kind of country do we want?

  • Do we really want our ruthless, dog-eat-dog, winner-take-all free market capitalism?
  • Or do we want a country where all people get the basic foundations for success, with far more trust, kindness, peace, harmony, and prosperity?

We can win back the American Dream!  We can have a kinder, happier, more prosperous America.

We just have to vote for PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS, take big money out of politics, and take our country back.

To see more about HOW we can create a beautiful world, check out our upcoming book Love, Help, American Dream & Peace.

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