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How To Create World Peace

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Aren’t You Tired of Pretending We Can Beat Hate (Terrorism) With Hate (War)?

Let’s Spend Far Less & Be Far More Safe

Prevent War & Terrorism With Human Rights & Justice

  • Sanction Dictators Who Jail, Torture, & Kill Their Opposition Or Crush A Free Press

  • Capture The Illegal Money Flows Of Dictators, Oligarchs, & Mafias With Transparency Laws Outlawing Shell Corporations & Money Laundering

  • Take Away The Luxury Mansion Retreats & Ill-Gotten Gains Of All Dictators, Oligarchs, & Mafias

Use This Money & Some Of Our Military Spending To:

  • Bring Clean Water Worldwide

  • Feed The Hungry & Starving Worldwide

  • Provide Medicines To The Sick Worldwide

  • Forgive Third World National Debts That Keep People In Poverty

  • Provide This Help In Exchange For Eliminating Military Weapons

  • End Slavery Worldwide

  • Train, Educate Refugees Worldwide For Jobs

Put Our Better Angels In Charge: A Building Peace United Nations 2.0

Only Human Rights, Diplomats, & Developmental Experts Can End Our Military Problems

We already have enough food to end hunger worldwide. We know how to provide basic healthcare worldwide, using trained paraprofessionals to lower costs.

We have experts in economic development who know how to grow national economies with basic services, education, and jobs.

We already have the expertise, laws, treaties, & courts to end war crimes. We just have to make offenders face consequences for their war crimes.

We have experts who know how to help failed nations create peace agreements, transition governments with power sharing and national dialogue, and then new constitutions and democratic elections.

Yet we don’t fund the UN enough to successfully promote human rights, economic development, or help set up local governments in failed states and rehabilitate former soldiers and rebel fighters.

Our United Nations has a fatal flaw: the undemocratic veto power of 5 nations: United States, Russia, China, England, & France. This means the UN fails to act on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

When these five nations prevent needed action against apartheid or war crimes in ally nations, it sabotages world peace.  And of course, they would veto any attempt to take away their veto power.

We should put our better angels in charge by giving all the power to nations, organizations, and experts who are working to improve the world.

Nations all over the world could leave the existing United Nations and migrate to a Building Peace United Nations 2.0, with far better funding.

We could structure this UN 2.0 to emphasize input from human rights, science, and international law experts, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that already effectively work for human rights, women’s rights, and the environment.

We could give far more voting power to nations with functioning democracies, low corruption, free speech, religious freedom, free college, & universal health care and far less voting power to dictatorships, nations with high corruption, torture, repression of dissidents, & war crimes.

We already have the humanitarian and legal expertise to draw up very specific, concrete rules to apply about when to intervene in conflicts, when to sanction nations, and when to end an intervention or lift sanctions.

Very clear, consistent rules about these things would be far more effective. Countries would know how to avoid problems and exactly how to change their behavior to lift sanctions.

The UN has no permanent military force. This means powerful nations like the United States take charge, adding to the perception that rich nations bully the poor, weak ones.

Clear, consistent, fair rules set in advance would bring far more respect to the UN and international law. This more just approach would end the perception among weaker nations that powerful nations use the UN to bully them.

Only a coalition of the better angels of our civilization can effectively police the world. People will only respect armies that follow careful, humanitarian rules for engagement and only enter conflicts when clear violations of established worldwide norms occur.

All the rich, developed member nations of the UN should set aside forces that the UN can call upon quickly in emergencies.

By following the careful rules of engagement developed by human rights organizations, this would give strong authority and legitimacy to needed interventions that might otherwise be seen as suspect.

Author Chuck Falcon’s new book Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics includes a detailed proposal for a Building Peace United Nations 2.0.

It details how we can reward both rich and poor nations for improving democracy, human rights, freedom of speech & religion, universal health care, and corruption.

The new UN 2.0 would encourage poor nations to melt down military weapons and make improvements in democracy and human rights to get more aid.

It would also penalize dictatorships, war crimes, torture, human trafficking, genocide, or slavery with penalties such as ejection from voting, economic sanctions, arms embargoes, blockades, financial penalties, freeze bank accounts, travel restrictions, cuts on trade, aid, diplomatic relations, and/or loans, or even military action.

The UN 2.0 proposal includes the establishment of commissions for cooperative worldwide medicines development and distribution, fighting criminal money flows with worldwide bank transparency, a global minimum corporate tax, model trade laws, effective civilian oversight of police, balanced journalism, etc.

With better funding, this Building Peace UN 2.0 would far more effectively fight to end famine, war, human trafficking, injustice, and climate change, to improve global health, to eliminate nuclear, chemical, & biological weapons, and to protect the environment.

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