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Immigration Hysteria Is Dangerous To Homeland Security 

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Despite all the hysteria worldwide, Europe and America are now seeing far less immigration than they have had in the past.

Europe had 1 million migrants from across the Mediterranean in 2015. This year Europe has had just 89,000 so far. Just over 18,000 arrived over sea to Italy, an 80% drop since the same time in 2017.

In America, the number of migrants trying to cross our Southern border is now probably the lowest it has been since at least the 1970s.

When Trump became president, more illegal immigrants were moving back to Mexico than entering our country.

In the 10 years before Trump’s election, the number of illegal immigrants in the US shrank by over 1 million.

None of the 3 million refugees who have entered this country in the last 40 years has killed anyone in a terror attack. Refugees contribute $63 billion more to our economy than they cost.

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