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Love, Help, American Dream & Peace

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Love, Help, American Dream, Peace book cover
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Table of Contents

  1. Love In Action = Help & Emotional Support
  • Christian (Religious) Love: A Superpower
  • In Politics, Love Shines Brilliantly In Human Rights = Basic Physical Help
  1. The Powerful Love of Jesus & Early Christians That Spread Like Wildfire
  2. More Superpower Ideals: Democracy, Freedom, Equality
  • Helping the Needy
  • Welcoming Immigrants
  • We Led the World in Human Rights
  • Separation of Church & State: No Religious Bigotry in Government
  • For Peace & Prosperity, Just Live Up to Our Ideals
  1. History Proves We Can Have A New Golden Age
  2. We Can Have It All
  • Why Americans Struggle
  • How To End Our Rigged, Unjust, Dog-Eat-Dog System & Win Peace & Prosperity
  • War & Drones Fail, Help Can Win Peace Far Cheaper

6. Help: Massively Cheaper Than Crime, Violence & Disabilities Due To Poverty

  • Quality Child Care & Education, Youth Programs
  • Early Prevention, Mental Health Care
  • Housing First

7. How Superrich Criminals & Big Money Politics Stole The American Dream

  • Mean Billionaires Own the Puppet Republican Party
  • The American Billionaire & Big Business Conspiracy
  • Rich People Don’t Work for Most of Their Money
  • Rich People Don’t Pay Much Social Security or Taxes
  • Shaping Public Opinion & Writing Our Laws
  • Taking Over Our Government
  • Rigging the Tax Code
  • Rigging Bankruptcy Against Middle Class
  • Destroying Unions & Living Standards
  • Ending Right Sue Employers, Corporations
  • Sabotaging Affordable Health Care
  • Our Laws Let Hedge Fund & Private Equity Companies Screw Us
  • Destroying Companies, Jobs & Pensions
  • Dangerous Public & Private Services
  • The Republican Tax Bill: A Massive Fraud
  • Sweet-Talking Plans to Destroy Social Security & Medicare

8. Economists: Cutting Government Spending Hurts Us

9. Billionaire Brainwashing To Hoard Money & Keep Americans Struggling

  • Demonizing Services & The Poor Hurts Us All: No More Helping Hand
  • Deficit Hysteria & Tax Lies: Deficit Spending & High Taxes On The Rich Made The US & Europe World Superpowers
  • Socialism Lies To Prevent A More Loving (Christian) Capitalism
  • Extreme Views Now Normal

10. Massive Injustice: Our Rigged Justice System

  • No Justice for Many Innocent Poor People
  • Common, Widespread Illegal Jail for Debt
  • Regular People Can Lose Homes or Go to Jail for Almost Nothing
  • For the Rich, Massive Crimes Can Pay

11. Free Health Care, Like 30 Other Countries

  • Deadly, Unfair American Health Care
  • The Economic Benefits of Prevention & Free Health Care
  • Smart Health Care

12. Free or Cheap Medicines, Like 30 Other Countries

  • Bribery & Corruption Made Our Medicines Expensive
  • Pharmaceutical Fraud Kills
  • Greedy Pharmaceutical Extortion
  • We Pay to Develop Medicines, Then Drug Companies Screw Us
  • Drug Companies Waste Money & Cheat Us in Other Ways
  • Use Free, Safer Medicines for World Peace

13. Free College & Vocational Education, Like 30 Other Countries

  • Predatory For-Profit Colleges & Student Debt Hurt Our Economy
  • We Already Spend Enough on College to Make It Free

14. Real Family Values: Strengthen Families

  • Cheap Child Care, Health Care, Sick & Parent Leave, Paid Vacations
  • Improve Social Security & Medicare

15. More Effective Crime Laws Would Massively Boost Our Economy

  • Jailing Too Many People Destroys Families & Hurts Our Economy
  • Police Reforms & More Just Crime Policies
  • Politically Pressured, Incompetent Coroners

16. Republican Gun Insanity & Sensible Gun Laws

  • The Dangerous 2nd Amendment Lie
  • Strong Gun Laws In Other Countries
  • Helpful Gun Laws
  1. Billionaires & Republicans Fear Democracy & Suppress Our Votes
  • Gerrymandering
  • Voter Restrictions
  • Voter Purges
  • Discriminatory Ex-Felon Voting Restrictions
  • We Need a Landslide To Beat Our Rigged Elections
  1. Judges Sabotaging Democracy & Crippling American Ideals
  • To Get Away with Crimes, Corrupt Billionaires Trained & Rated Judges
  • Republican Cheating & The Flood of Bigoted, Incompetent Judges
  • Billionaire-Puppet Judges Dominate the Supreme Court
  • Crushing Our Rights to Benefit Billionaires
  • Letting Big Money Buy Politicians & Elections
  • Sabotaging One PersonOne Vote Democracy
  • Extreme Billionaire Puppets Kavanaugh & Gorsuch

23. How to Fix Our Courts

  • We Have Precedent to Impeach Judges for Bigotry
  • Impeach Judges for Crippling American Ideals
  • Fix The Supreme Court Ethics & Judicial Review Loopholes
  • Set Supreme Court Term Limits
  • Give Our Supreme Court Enough Judges for Its Caseload
  • Limit Supreme Court Jurisdiction & End Its Judicial Review
  • Impeach Brett Kavanaugh & Clarence Thomas for Ethics Violations

24. Let’s Catch Up to Modern, Stronger Democracies

  • Our Undemocratic & Dangerous Electoral College
  • Our Undemocratic Senate
  • Impeach Politicians for Bigotry & Sabotaging Democracy
  • How To Take Money Out of Politics & Win Back Our Democracy

25. Immigrants Make America Far Stronger & Richer

  • Racist Lies About Immigrants
  • Why Our Military Wants More Refugees & Military Aid
  • Deliberate Cruelty to Immigrants
  • A New Vicious Culture in Border Control

26. Birth Control & Abortion Save Women’s Lives & Reduce Poverty

  • Abortion: Far Safer Than Pregnancy
  • Laws Require Doctors to Lie About Abortion
  • Abortion Before Quickening Was Normal & Legal For Most Of History
  • Most US Religions Accept Abortion for Most Cases

27. Expanding Religious Bigotry & Discrimination

  • Excruciating, Deadly Medical Neglect as “Religious Freedom”
  • Dangerous Health Care in Catholic & Southern Hospitals
  1. Help For Peace: Massively Cheaper Than Wars
  • 8 Stupid Mistakes That Create Terrorists
  • 10 Steps To World Peace
  • Corrupt Presidential War Powers & Dangerous Never-Ending War
  • Corruption Causes Poverty, Death, Terrorism, & War
  • Fighting Poverty & Injustice Can Win Peace & Prosperity
  • End Aid to Brutal Dictators

29. Democracies Can Crush Dictators

  • Capture Crime, Mafia, Dictator, & Oligarch Money Worldwide
  • The Fatal Flaw in The United Nations
  • Put Democracies in Charge: Better Angels United Nations
  1. How to Win Back the American Dream
  • Good Hearted Americans Versus Corrupt Puppet Politicians
  • Our Coalition
  • Our First Priority: Eliminate Big Money in Politics
  • Ways To Stop Corruption & Fund Our Government
  • How To Make Corporations Serve People Again
  • Easy Paths to Peace & Prosperity

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