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Stained Glass Dove of Peace Art Greeting Card

Our Vision Of Peace & Prosperity

Two Praying Blue Art Angels

“Let us not use bombs and guns to overcome the world—let us use love and compassion.”  Mother Theresa

“Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that.  Martin Luther King

Imagine clean water, food, free health care, free medicines, education, and shelter for all, worldwide.

Imagine a whole world of happy, carefree mothers and fathers, full of hope, and joyful children.

Imagine democracies taking control with a new, more effective United Nations built with rewards and penalties to force dictators out, free political prisoners, end torture in prisons, and spread freedom, justice, and democracy everywhere.

Imagine taking down all dictators, crime mafias, and Russian oligarchs by exposing the ultimate owners of all shell companies and capturing their ill-gotten gains bought with dirty blood money.

Imagine selling the properties of dictators, crime mafias, and Russian oligarchs to fund providing clean water, food, health care, medicines, education, and shelter for all.

Imagine making US democracy as strong as most functioning democracies in the world by eliminating:

  • Politicians drawing their own district maps
  • Unlimited special interest cash flow into election campaigns
  • Huge media outlets hawking conspiracy theories and white supremacy
  • The Electoral College and gerrymandering, which both make millions of votes count less than others
  • Greedy billionaires buying, training, politicizing, and grading Big Money judges for the Supreme Court

Laws can fix all these things! For example, we could bring back the Fair Media Act with rules for media impartiality, to end the extremist media we have today.

All war & terrorism would END.

 WE CAN win back The American Dream & build world peace!

Fixing the world would be FAR CHEAPER than the violent, corrupt mess of a world we have now!

Why don’t we have all the great benefits listed on the home page that many or most countries worldwide already have? 

We WASTE trillions of dollars on war, which just creates more terrorists.  EVERY place we had wars or drones, terrorism SKYROCKETED!  Funding food, water, healthcare & education would be far more effective.

CORRUPT MONEY POLITICS eliminated most taxes for billionaires and corporations, gutting our education, infrastructure, decent pay, Social Security, and social services.  Now some Americans work two jobs yet live in homeless shelters!

We just have to vote for PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS, take big money out of politics, and take our country back.

To see HOW we can create the beautiful world imagined above, check out our page about author Chuck Falcon’s upcoming book Love, Help, American Dream & Peace.

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