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Frank Lloyd Wright-Style Symmetric Stained Glass Window 1


This original Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass design uses 102 pieces of clear, blue, and green glass (or your preferred colors) in a design of a symmetrical square of Chevrons, with an open middle.  You can click on this picture to see it close up.



This Frank Lloyd Wright-Style Symmetric Stained Glass, designed by author Chuck Falcon, is a limited edition of 30 windows.  The design is a symmetrical square of Chevrons on top with Chevrons on the sides on the bottom using 108 pieces of clear, blue, and green glass.  You may request different colors instead of the blue and green pieces in order to match your decor better or simply to have a more unique piece.   The size can be adjusted to fit standard-sized windows, even becoming a square instead of a rectangle, if needed.

It comes with a certificate signed by the author specifying the number (for example, #1 of 30) in order of the date of purchase. Due to the handmade process of stained glass artisans, please expect some variation in color.

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