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Sunrise Stained Glass Lamp (Brown, Yellow, & Red)


This Sunrise in America Stained Glass Lamp has 8 identical sides, each with brown hills, a red rising sun, and yellow rays.  You can click on this picture to see the lamp close up.



This Sunrise in America Stained Glass Lamp, designed by author Chuck Falcon, has 8 identical 7-inch by 7-inch sides, each with brown hills, a rising red sun, and yellow rays.  The diameter of the lamp is 18 and 1/2 inches.  It is a limited edition of 40 lamps.  (He made and sold 2 of them in the early 1970s.)  It uses 96 pieces of brown, red, and yellow glass.  The picture here is one of the lamps made in the early 1970s.  Our green, blue, yellow, and red lamp pictured on our stained glass page is an experiment made with modern glass but we plan to replace the yellow glass in both versions of the Sunrise lamp with a yellow glass that is less transparent.

It comes with a certificate signed by the author specifying the number (for example, #1 of 40) in order of the date of purchase.  Due to the handmade process of stained glass artisans, please expect some variation in color.

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