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Posters To Change The World

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We Can

Make A Difference

Democracy is very powerful.  Public opinion drives policy.  Awareness/education is key.
Let’s SPREAD THE WORD about policies based on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL!
We have 9 Progressive Posters.  They are all 18″ wide x 24″ inches tall.
Use them on public-facing windows & walls, churches, schools, shared office or commercial spaces, or near bulletin boards, sports & entertainment arenas, & museums to raise awareness.
Water, Food, Medicines, Education = Peace poster
Deadly Gun Rights Lie Poster
Free Medicines poster
American Dream poster
Want The American Dream & Peace? poster
Big Money Kills & Stole The American Dream poster
Immigrants Massively Boost Our Economy, No Immigrants = Economic Collapse poster
Abortion Saves Many Lives & Gay Rights poster

Smallest text above after * : Most recent CDC statistics: 2020 maternal deaths = 23.8 per 100,000 births.  2013-2018 maternal deaths = .41 per 100,000 abortions. (5 years used for accuracy because there’s so few abortion deaths, the number varies wildly each year.)  (.41 x 58 = 23.78)  Pregnancy is far more deadly in black women.  In Mississippi, it is almost 118X as deadly as abortion.

Save The Earth & Crush Dictators poster
Our Progressive Posters are $25 each.  This price includes shipping and handling.

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