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Trump's mean scowl

Republican Gun & Violence Insanity

Virginia Woolf crying tears

Republicans Refuse All Popular, Common Sense Proposals To Protect Us From Gun Violence:

  • Republicans refuse to allow ANY gun safety bill to come to a vote, despite regular mass murders, over 150,000 people shot each year, an average of 109 gun deaths a day, and almost 40,000 deaths from firearms a year.
  • These shootings costs us at least $229 billion each year.
  • The vast majority of Americans, 90% support universal background checks, including even 70% of members of the National Rifle Association.
  • Yet Republicans constantly block universal background checks every time Democrats propose them.
  • Democrats tried to stop people on the terrorist watch list from buying assault rifles but Republicans blocked it.

Even after massacres, Republicans refuse common-sense proposals to make our country safer.

  • After the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 20 children and 6 teachers, Democrats tried to ban assault weapons and magazines that contained more than 10 bullets but Republicans refused to vote on it.
  • Democrats tried to ban assault weapons again in 2015 after the San Bernardino, California massacre of 14 people and in 2107 after the Las Vegas massacre of 58 people that wounded 851 people but Republicans killed these proposals, too.
  • Democrats tried to establish universal background checks after the Sandy Hook and San Bernardino massacres but Republicans killed those efforts, too.
  • After the 2016 Orlando massacre of 49 people, Republicans again blocked a proposal to stop people on the terrorist watch list from buying assault rifles.

Republicans Deliberately Made It Easier For Mentally Ill People To Buy Guns!

Republicans even fight to weaken our FBI National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) to screen people buying a gun.  

  • Some people on Social Security are so mentally disabled that their checks go to somebody else to handle their money for them.  Social Security used to report those people to NICS so that they could not buy guns or assault weapons.
  • One of the very first laws Republicans passed after Trump’s election eliminated this rule, allowing 75,000 people on Social Security disability for mental illness and unable to control their finances the right to buy weapons.  What kind of sick priority is that?
  • Republicans also passed a law blocking the Department of Veteran’s Affairs from reporting to the NICS veterans too mentally ill to manage their own affairs.
  • Trump’s 2019 budget cut $12 million in funding for the NICS background check for gun purchases, including funds for reporting domestic violence, protection orders, and other crimes to the database.

Republicans Refuse To Denounce Violence

  • Republicans pretend that the vicious anti-democratic January 6th Capitol rioters are heroes, patriots, political prisoners, or just normal tourists. And they’re sabotaging all attempts at investigating the truth or prosecuting criminal acts.
  • During the presidential campaign of 2020, a “Trump Train” of 40 or 50 vehicles, mostly pickup trucks organized on Facebook flying flags in support of Trump, repeatedly tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the I-35 highway in Texas for 90 minutes.
  • One of the Trump Train drivers even sideswiped a Biden campaign SUV, bragging about it on Facebook. Yet Republican Senator Marco Rubio cheered the Trump Train on and President Trump tweeted “I LOVE TEXAS!” and called the Trump Train drivers “patriots.”
  • Biden’s campaign workers called police for help multiple times as the Trump Train terrorized them. Other witnesses also called 911 to report the dangerous drivers, but the local Republican San Marcos, TX police laughed, joked about it, and refused to escort the Biden campaign for safety. The Biden campaign had to cancel 3 campaign events in Texas.
  • Republican leaders said nothing when Republican member of Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene supported calls for violence against Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.
  • Republican leaders remain silent when Republican members of Congress like Madison Cawthorn or Paul Gosar talk about bloodshed over false stolen election claims.
  • Republican leaders said nothing when Madison Cawthorn told his followers to “Be armed, be dangerous” or when Paul Gosar told mothers: “If you are raising a young man, please raise them to be a monster.”

Republican Lies And Encouragement Of Violence Have Made Our Country More Dangerous

Because of Republican lies about Biden stealing the election from Trump and Republicans encouraging violence:

  • Many Trump supporters at the January 6th Capitol riot set up a gallows, hung a noose on it, and chanted “Hang Mike Pence.”
  • Many others at the January 6th riot, including little middle-aged ladies, screamed they were coming to “get” “bitch,” “traitor,” and “cunt” Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
  • Four people have threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi. Three of them were at the January 6th Capitol riot. One of them had a gun there but thankfully didn’t find her.
  • In just the first 4 months of 2021, the Capitol police reported threats against members of Congress more than doubled compared to 2020.
  • A number of Republicans in Congress have admitted they voted against impeaching Trump because of fear for their own safety if they didn’t!
  • Representative Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio is leaving Congress because of violent threats to him and his family, simply because he voted to impeach Trump.
  • Even the 13 House Republicans who just voted for a bipartisan infrastructure bill have received death threats.
  • In Republican congressional offices and Republican community meetings, threats of violence are open and increasingly common.
  • At a Republican rally in Idaho, a young man asked when he could start killing Democrats, “When do we get to use the guns? How many elections are they going to steal before we start killing these people?” The audience applauded and the local state Republican representative later called it a “fair” question.
  • People have shouted profanities, made death threats, and sometimes stalked or physically attacked school board members, teachers, and other school employees all across our country.
  • Most of the threats have been over covid school closures and mask mandates but others involve covid vaccines, policies toward LGBTQ students, and the way race and history are taught in schools.
  • Some school board members have quit over the threats and intimidation.
  • The National School Boards Association asked President Biden, the Departments of Justice, Education, Homeland Security, and the FBI for help in dealing with the threats and violence, so the Justice Department had to set up a task force and $125 million in grants to help.
  • After the Justice Department declared it was going to investigate threats to school board members, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican Representative Jim Jordan complained, “They’re going to open up a snitch line on parents.”
  • Many election officials and poll volunteers have also faced harassment and threats of violence. Now 1/3 of poll workers feel unsafe and 79% of them want our government to provide them security.
  • Reuters focused on just 16 states and found over 850 hostile and threatening emails, voicemails, texts, letters, and internet posts to election officials and staff. Many were profane and almost all of them expressed support for Donald Trump or claimed a “stolen election.”
  • In a survey, 23% of public health officials said they felt bullied, threatened, or harassed because of their work.
  • Researchers at the Hopkins School of Public Health found at least 1,500 incidents of harassment and violence against public health workers between March 2020 and January 2021, including shots fired at workers’ homes.
  • Many public health workers have had to install security cameras at home, carry pepper spray, drive unmarked cars, change their children’s routines for fear of attacks, or ask for police escorts or police patrols at their homes.
  • One public health director in Michigan was almost run off the road by an angry person.
  • Over 500 public health officials have left their jobs in the last 19 months, often because of abuse and threats.
  • As a result, a national association representing 3,000 public health departments has asked the Justice Department to add them to the federal effort to protect school board members, teachers, and other school employees from threats of violence.

Now 2/3 of Republicans believe the election was stolen from Trump and 39% of Republicans support violence to “protect or save the country.”

Experts understand when political parties endorse violence, it often destroys democracy and leads to authoritarianism.

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