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Mean Billionaires OWN The Republican Party

The Rich Bribing Congress

Campaign finance reform is an emergency.  Corrupt Republicans are now the puppets of mean billionaires, willing to let people die to give them more tax breaks. 

  • Many Democrats run their campaigns on people power—popular support from millions of small donors.  Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren don’t even take money from political action committees (PACs).
  • Republicans in Congress no longer fund their campaigns in small amounts.
  • Republicans can’t even run their campaigns without massive funding from a dozen or so billionaire donors.
  • Republicans knew Americans would hate the 2017 tax cut for throwing 13 million people off health care and cutting Medicare by $400 billion, but they had NO CHOICE!
  • These superrich donors actually told Republican members of Congress, if you don’t pass our $1½ trillion tax cut, we won’t give you campaign funds in 2018.
  • Republicans claimed there was just no money to continue the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) AT THE SAME TIME they voted for the $1½ trillion tax cut for billionaires.
  • Republicans refused to fund CHIP for months and months on end, so even children in the middle of cancer treatment almost lost their health care. This is just mean, not Christian at all.
  • Fortunately, Democrats used the government shutdown of January, 2018 to force Republicans to fund CHIP for 6 more years, saving countless families suffering and hardship.

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