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Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics

This book offers many overlooked, practical, concrete solutions

for winning the American Dream and World Peace.

Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics Book Cover

Excerpt Petitions & Chapters From Rich & Peaceful: Progressive Politics:

Instead of gathering book reviews and endorsements over a period of years, we are posting the 6 petitions and 120 of the first 140 pages of the new book Rich & Peaceful here for all to see, so you can judge it for yourself.

See The Table Of Contents Below:

Table Of Contents: 

Peace & Wealth: Far Cheaper Than War
Free Health Care, Like 24 Other Countries
Free Medicines, Like 5 Other Countries
Free College & Vocational Education, Like 30 Other Countries
Win Back The American Dream
Strengthen Social Security
1. Introduction: World Peace & Prosperity
2. Why Americans Struggle & How To Win Peace & Prosperity
3. Lobbying, Campaign Finance, & Political Corruption
          Corrupt Politicians: Puppets Of Greedy Billionaires
          Politicians With No Heart Or Morals Let People Die, Screw Our Economy
          Rich People Don’t Even Work For Most Of Their Money!
          Sweet-Talking Plans To Destroy Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid
          The New Republican Tax Bill: A Massive Fraud
          2 Steps Can Beat Corruption In Politics
4. Why Billionaires Fear Our Votes
          Rigged For The Rich: Taxes Massive Crimes, & Corporate Welfare
          Rigged Against Average Americans: Jobs, Justice System, & Debts
          How Greedy Lawbreaking Billionaires Stole The American Dream
          Good-Hearted Americans Versus Government Corruption
          Ways To Stop Corruption & Fund Our Government
          Why Billionaires Fight To Restrict Voting Rights—Our Best Weapon
5. Times When America’s True Spirit Shone Brightly
6. More Effective Crime Laws Would Boost Our Economy
7. The Economic Benefits Of Prevention & Free Health Care
8. Free, Safer Medicines For All
9. Free Trade: Corporate Screw The Worker & Environment Agreements
10. How To Make Corporations Serve People Again
11. A More Loving, Christian Capitalism
12. Immigrants & Our Interdependent World
13. Reasons For War, Terrorism, & Solutions
          Reasons For Muslim Anger
          The Causes Of ISIS & Strategies & Solutions
          A Fair Solution In Israel & Palestine
          More Effective Alternatives To Military Ones
14. Easy Paths To Peace & Prosperity
15. Peace & Prosperity: Vastly Cheaper Than War
16. How To Win Back The American Dream
17. How To Take The Money Out Of Politics & Win Back Our Democracy

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