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Family Desk Reference To Psychology Book Cover Graphic

Summary of Our Rave Reviews

National Mental Health Association: “An easy-to-read reference … enlightened and comprehensive … terrific compassion, and clinical knowledge”

National Self-Help Clearinghouse: “no-nonsense solutions to problems. Use it as a guide to better emotional health.”

American Mental Health Counselors Association: “recommended to consumers, students, clergy, teachers, and volunteers”

Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy: “immensely beneficial … child rearing is discussed with utmost sensitivity and know-how … a tribute to the field of psychology … a balm for those who suffer.”

Science Books & Films: “ an ideal gift for young adults, newlyweds, young parents, or anyone facing change in their life. … Parental concerns from infancy throughout adolescence are addressed with clarity.”

Psychologist, Psychology Professor, Certified Prescribing Psychologist, and Catholic deacon, Dr. Thomas Holsworth: “The book defines love clearly in behaviors and teaches us how to love ourselves and other people in our lives.”

Covers Over 100 Personal Problems, Crises, Decisions, & Life Skills, Including:

Happiness   *   Judging Love, Relationships   *   Marriage   *  Addictions   *   Obesity   *   Depression   *   Anger   *   33 Areas of Raising Children   *   Divorce   *   Insomnia   *   Abuse   *   Rape   *   Sexual Harassment   *   Sex Problems   *   Elder Care   *   Suicide  *   Grief, Trauma   *   Attention Deficit Disorder   *   Eating Disorders   *   Anxiety, Worry, Fear, Phobia   *   Pregnancy   *   Self-Esteem   *   Gambling   *   Getting over the Past   *   Nonverbal Communication   *   Assertiveness   *   Shyness   *   Nervous Habits   *   Dating

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Libraries bought more copies of our book Family Desk Reference To Psychology than any other market.  If you’d like to read it, check there first.  If your local library doesn’t have it, you can order it through inter-library loan!

Or if you prefer, you can also buy a used copy from Amazon.

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