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Trump angrily frowning, looking mean

Trump’s Endless

Fraud & Mafia &

Oligarch Partners

Book Cover: Trump's Endless Fraud & Mafia & Oligarch Partners

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Highlights: Learn About

  • Trump’s father Fred’s Klu Klux Klan history, mafia connections, and massive government fraud.
  • Donald Trump’s childhood, adolescent, and lifelong evidence of being a heartless sociopath.
  • How Fred Trump constantly showered money on Donald so he was a millionaire at 8 years old.
  • How Fred Trump’s political connections got Trump sweetheart no-bid deals with favors, tax breaks, and massive public subsidies.
  • The Trump family tradition of bribing politicians.
  • Trump’s massive government fraud.
  • The mafia mobster who bought a $2 million Trump apartment without a bank check, just counting the money from suitcases.
  • Donald Trump’s endless mafia and oligarch buddies, partnerships, and associates.
  • The story of the Mafia mistress who Trump financed for $2 million, then sued.  When she countersued and threatened to expose his kickbacks from contractors, he had to drop the lawsuit and pay her $500,000 to shut up.
  • The story of the Mafia mobster who threatened to pull Donald Trump’s balls off.
  • How Trump forced New Jersey to give him a casino license and why he couldn’t get casino licenses in Las Vegas or Missouri.
  • Trump’s massive history of fraud that destroyed many of his contractors’ businesses and screwed many of his investors.
  • Why Trump has been sued over 4,095 times.
  • How Trump stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the St. Jude children’s cancer charity.
  • Trump’s constant business failures that Fred Trump always bailed out.
  • How the Apprentice created the completely fake appearance of Trump as a business genius when his credit was so lousy no US bank would loan to him.
  • How Putin extorted the riches of Russia and created the Russian oligarchs.
  • How Russian oligarchs constantly saved Trump from going broke for over 30 years.
  • The story of the Russian mafia boss, one of the most wanted men in the world, who escaped a huge police bust at Trump Tower, only to show up next sitting near Trump at his beauty pageant in Moscow.
  • Trump’s financial connections to dictators and Russian Mafia bosses that torture, traffic heroin, and rape and traffic women and children for sex.
  • Trump’s financial connection to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which he declared a terrorist organization.
  • The shady money-laundering bank Trump and his family used and cheated when no American bank would loan to Trump.
  • How Trump profits from massive corruption & money laundering in his foreign business deals.
  • The evidence suggesting Putin may have started grooming Donald Trump as early as 1987.
  • The story of Trump’s party with a Russian oligarch at a nightclub famous for bestiality and sadomasochism.

Table of Contents:


  • Trump the Sociopath
  • Trump’s Mafia, KKK Father Set Him Up in Business
  • Buying Politicians
  • Trump’s Endless Mafia Partners
  • Family Money Rescues Trump’s Constant Business Failures
  • Trump’s Government Fraud
  • Trump’s Constant Fraud Destroyed Other Businesses
  • Vladimir Putin & The Russian Oligarchs
  • Money Laundering & The Skyrocketing Cost of Large City Housing
  • Trump’s Suspicious Condo Sales
  • Russian Oligarchs Rescue Trump’s Constant Business Failures
  • The Apprentice: The Fake Business Genius
  • Trump’s Endless Ties with Russian Oligarchs
  • Putin Likely Groomed Trump for Decades
  • Massive Corruption in Trump’s Foreign Deals


The book is available as an ebook or a print book.  As an ebook, you can choose from the ePub format for most readers or mobi format for Kindle.  The ebook will arrive first, most likely in late September shortly after the campaign ends.  The print book will arrive in October.

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