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Trump angrily frowning, looking mean

Trump’s Endless

Fraud & Mafia &

Oligarch Partners

Book Cover: Trump's Endless Fraud & Mafia & Oligarch Partners

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Highlights: Learn About

  • Trump’s father Fred’s Klu Klux Klan history, mafia connections, and massive government fraud.
  • Donald Trump’s childhood, adolescent, and lifelong evidence of being a heartless sociopath.
  • How Fred Trump constantly showered money on Donald so he was a millionaire at 8 years old.
  • How Fred Trump’s political connections got Trump sweetheart no-bid deals with favors, tax breaks, and massive public subsidies.
  • The Trump family tradition of bribing politicians.
  • Trump’s massive government fraud.
  • The mafia mobster who bought a $2 million Trump apartment without a bank check, just counting the money from suitcases.
  • Donald Trump’s endless mafia and oligarch buddies, partnerships, and associates.
  • The story of the Mafia mistress who Trump financed for $2 million, then sued.  When she countersued and threatened to expose his kickbacks from contractors, he had to drop the lawsuit and pay her $500,000 to shut up.
  • The story of the Mafia mobster who threatened to pull Donald Trump’s balls off.
  • How Trump forced New Jersey to give him a casino license and why he couldn’t get casino licenses in Las Vegas or Missouri.
  • Trump’s massive history of fraud that destroyed many of his contractors’ businesses and screwed many of his investors.
  • Why Trump has been sued over 4,095 times.
  • How Trump stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the St. Jude children’s cancer charity.
  • Trump’s constant business failures that Fred Trump always bailed out.
  • How the Apprentice created the completely fake appearance of Trump as a business genius when his credit was so lousy no US bank would loan to him.
  • How Putin extorted the riches of Russia and created the Russian oligarchs.
  • How Russian oligarchs constantly saved Trump from going broke for over 30 years.
  • The story of the Russian mafia boss, one of the most wanted men in the world, who escaped a huge police bust at Trump Tower, only to show up next sitting near Trump at his beauty pageant in Moscow.
  • Trump’s financial connections to dictators and Russian Mafia bosses that torture, traffic heroin, and rape and traffic women and children for sex.
  • Trump’s financial connection to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which he declared a terrorist organization.
  • The shady money-laundering bank Trump and his family used and cheated when no American bank would loan to Trump.
  • How Trump profits from massive corruption & money laundering in his foreign business deals.
  • The evidence suggesting Putin may have started grooming Donald Trump as early as 1987.
  • The story of Trump’s party with a Russian oligarch at a nightclub famous for bestiality and sadomasochism.

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