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Our Supreme Court Sabotaged One Person, One Vote Democracy

Our democracy is built on the idea that every person gets one vote.  Generations fought and died for this right.

But money in politics, dark money, blatant lies in political ads, and voter suppression have already sabotaged true one-personone vote democracy.

Corrupt billionaires and Republican politicians are afraid of losing power in our increasingly multicultural country.

They know poor people and minorities tend to vote Democratic.  So they are trying to eliminate these voters with:

  • Voter restrictions
  • Voter purges
  • Closing polling places in poor and minority areas
  • Discriminatory ex-felon voter laws
  • Gerrymandering (creating unfair voting districts)

Voter suppression today is the worst it has been since the 1940s era of Jim Crow.

In 2016, with voter suppression in over 30 states, the African-American voter turnout dropped 7%.

Judges carefully trained by the Koch network to fight voting rights now dominate our Supreme Court.

These brainwashed judges don’t care about each person getting one vote.

Instead, our Supreme Court effectively crippled the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

  • In Shelby vs Holder, John Roberts claimed (against dissenting votes) that racial discrimination is a thing of the past.
  • So the Supreme Court decided states and counties with clear histories of discriminating in voting no longer need to get permission from the federal government before they make changes to their election laws.
  • This destroyed 50 years of justice and fairness reenacted by Congress as recently as 2006 with large and bipartisan congressional majorities.
  • Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the 2013 ruling destroying the Voting Rights Act, had been trying to weaken the law ever since the 1980s.
  • It sounds insane, but the Supreme Court also ruled that you must assume legislatures act in good faith passing discriminatory voting laws, even if the legislature’s recent history details an obvious, blatant history of discrimination.

Voter Restrictions 

The Koch network and Republicans developed a variety of voter laws to eliminate disabled, low-income, elderly, African American, student, and homeless voters.

They knew voter ID laws make it harder for poor people, elderly people, and students to vote because the average government ID costs $40 and may require birth certificates or other paperwork, which also cost time and money.

They knew that poor and minority people have a much harder time getting off work to vote or getting to their home district from work to vote while the polls are open.  And they knew poor and minority people move more often than richer people.

So they ended or cut early voting, evening voting, weekend voting, voting by mail, voting outside of your district, same-day registration and voting, and voting sites on college campuses.

They also eliminated laws letting polling stations extend their hours if the lines were long.

Of course, our Koch-network trained Supreme Court allowed discriminatory voter ID laws.

  • The court gave permission to Texas to use a strict voter ID law despite federal judges twice agreeing Texas passed the law to deliberately suppress African-American and Hispanic votes.
  • As soon as the Supreme Court gave Texas to use a strict voter ID law, 14 states, mostly southern states with histories of racial voting discrimination, enacted strict voter ID laws.

Many of these states also closed or drastically shortened the hours at Departments of Motor Vehicles in poor and minority areas, where people had to go to get the required IDs.

  • In Alabama, for example, at least 500,000 people, 20% of registered voters, lacked newly required forms of ID.
  • Yet Alabama also closed 31 of its DMV offices, with closings in 8 of the 10 counties with the highest proportion of minority voters.
  • Alabama DMV offices closed in every county where black residents composed over ¾ of the registered voters.
  • One study of 381 counties with histories of discrimination found they eliminated 868 places to vote between 2012 and 2016.
  • Most of the closed poll locations were in poor and minority areas, forcing some people to wait 5, 6, 8, or 10 hours if they wanted to vote.

 Voter Purges 

The National Voter Registration Act said states can’t remove a voter for not voting.  When the law first passed, Congress said people shouldn’t be removed “due to their failure to respond to a mailing.”

Yet our Supreme Court let Ohio purge voters, eliminating them for not voting in one election or for not returning a postcard verifying their address.

This turned the right to vote into a “use it or lose it” system.  And of course, Republican legislatures are using voting purges now in other states, such as Wisconsin, a swing state likely to be important in our next election.

Many people skip an election and don’t return a postcard asking to verify their address.

  • In 2018, states reported sending out more than 21 million address confirmation notices and only 20% of them were returned.
  • Many people only vote in presidential elections.
  • People may not vote for years simply because they don’t like the candidates.
  • The working poor, elderly, or people with disabilities may not vote because of transportation issues, difficulties in getting childcare or time off work, the chronic stresses of poverty, etc.
  • Many people lose the postcard asking to verify their address, forget about it, or think it was junk mail.
  • Poor people are most likely to be overwhelmed and to miss or overlook the postcard.
  • Eliminating voters who have moved targets the poor, the young, and those who live in cities because people in these groups move more often than other people do.
  • People in these groups also tend to favor Democrats.


Unlike every other advanced democratic country, our laws actually let politicians pick their voters, instead of vice versa.  This unleashes corruption impossible in other countries.

In gerrymandering, one political party redraws districts to their own advantage.

Sometimes you push many opposition voters into a small number of districts.  Or you push them into safe districts dominated by your own party voters, so their votes don’t count.

In the past, the Supreme Court repeatedly made it clear it was struggling to find a good way to stop unfair gerrymandering that can lock a political party into a permanent minority even if it wins a landslide.

But our Koch network-dominated Supreme Court ruled that the courts have no authority to stop extremely gerrymandered voting districts that discriminate against black people and Hispanics.

  • In its decision, the Supreme Court claimed gerrymandering was too hard for the federal courts to solve.
  • John Roberts wrote the decision but admitted gerrymandering leads to outrageous, unjust results.
  • In her dissent, Justice Kagan showed this was a lie. Lower courts have already developed neutral, standardized legal tests for gerrymandering.

Because of the corrupt Koch network of billionaires, now Democrats need a landslide win in order to just get a bare majority in Congress!

  • In the late 2000s, the Koch network came up with an evil plan.
  • They knew far fewer people vote in mid-term elections, so they spent hundreds of millions of dollars to dominate state governments in the 2010 elections.
  • Then after the 2010 census, they hired armies of computer experts to use computer algorithms to profile voters on each block and street and repeatedly test thousands of possible maps until they reliably elected the most Republicans (gerrymandering on steroids).
  • This pushed district lines in and out around very tiny neighborhoods in wildly distorted, ragged, meandering districts, sometimes stretching from one city to another a hundred miles away.
  • This pushed racial minorities and poor people into safe Republican districts and made sure their votes wouldn’t count.
  • Studies show four times as many states have been gerrymandered to favor Republicans as have been gerrymandered to favor Democrats.

In the 2018 House races, the Democrats did sweep a big majority but studies show if it weren’t for gerrymandering, Democrats would have gotten 16 more seats.

This wasn’t the will of the people.  Billionaire and Republican cheating stole Democratic votes and voices.

We desperately need independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions to set up more fair voting districts in all 50 states.

States like California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, and Washington already use them.

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