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Cobalt Blue Angels Praying

We Need:

To Restore the Voting Rights Act

Automatic Voter Registration

PreRegistration Before Voting Age (when first getting a driver’s license, by mail, etc.)

National Minimum Requirements for Weekend, Evening, & Early Voting

Election Day Registration & Voting

Election Day Holiday

Vote by Mail (like Oregon)

To End Strict Voter ID Laws

To End Voter Purges

To End Gerrymandering

To Eliminate Discriminatory Ex-Felon Voter Laws

To Eliminate the Electoral College

To Add More Voting Machines & Staff at Centers with Long Waits

To Use Ranked Choice Voting

  • Voters rank candidates in order of choice.
  • Candidates who get over half of 1st choice votes win.
  • If no candidate gets over half of voter’s first choices, the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and voters who chose that candidate as their 1st choice will have their 2ndchoice count.
  • This process continues until a candidate wins over half of the votes.

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