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Progressive Politics: We Can Have It All

We Can Change The World!

Free Health Care, Medicines,

College, & World Peace

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Hate (War, Drones) Can’t Stop Hate (Terrorism)

Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

Free College, Like 30 Other Countries

We already spend enough on college & health care to make them free for everyone.
Spending money on health care, education, infrastructure, technology, & research creates far more jobs and economic growth than military spending.
War can’t end terrorism.  CLEAN WATER, FOOD, & MEDICINES CAN, incredibly cheaply.  Just 1/12 our military spending would pay for this.
Better yet, we can use bank and real estate transparency laws to capture the $21 TRILLION in illegal money laundering worldwide by dictators and criminals and use that for world peace and economic development.
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Progressive values ARE the same values of true Christians. Jesus explained whatever you do to the hungry, thirsty, sick, imprisoned, or strangers, you do to him.  
Jesus believed in peace, justice, mercy, compassion, and service to others, even strangers.  Progressives fight for these things, helping immigrants, refugees, and those judged, oppressed, and exploited.
Progressives and Christians who believe in taking care of all of God’s Creation share great concerns for our environment.
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Take Back The American Dream From Corrupt Billionaires & Politicians

Corruption and 75 years of tax cuts for the wealthy stole our decent pay, health care, retirement, and cheap college and cut our Social Security.  Corrupt billionaires only got away with it because older, white, and richer people vote far more than young people, minorities, and poor people do.  Now to stay in power, they’re spending tens of millions of dollars to eliminate poor and minority voters.

Democracy Is VERY POWERFUL!  Voting Is Our Best Weapon!

If young people, progressives, minorities, & true Christians voted,


People 18 to 35 years old will soon be the largest population block in America—


This group is already nearly the size of baby boomers 54 to 72 years old but they will grow larger before the 2020 elections.  If just young people all voted, they could move our country forward into a land of opportunity again instead of backward into more bigotry, inequality, poverty, and toxic pollution.  

We Could Easily Have:

Free Health Care & Medicines

Free College & Vocational Education

Guaranteed Paid Vacations

Guaranteed Sick Leave

Months Of Paid Childbirth Leave For New Mothers

A $20 Minimum Wage

(People working at McDonald’s in Denmark, Norway, & Sweden earn $20 an hour and get paid vacation and sick leave. Some people in the US actually work two fast food jobs yet live in homeless shelters.)

There is only one thing more powerful than all the armies of the world. That is an idea whose time has come.  Victor Hugo
All through history, the ways of truth and love have always won.  Mahatma Gandi
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  Margaret Mead


Proof Republican Policies Are NOT CHRISTIAN

They spent $1.5 TRILLION to give billionaires and corporations tax cuts while AT THE SAME TIME they claimed there was just no money to continue the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for 8.9 million disabled and sick children’s health care.
Republicans spent spent $5 BILLION MORE to give wealthy heirs an inheritance tax break than the cost of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) they refused to fund AT THE SAME TIME!
This would have taken children off cancer treatment if not for Democrats using the government shutdown of January 2018 to force CHIP funding.
Sweet-talking Republican policies CUTTING HEALTH CARE FOR TENS OF MILLIONS of struggling and disabled Americans while they SIMULTANEOUSLY shower massive tax cuts on corporations and billionaires aren’t Christian.
Deporting parents without their children, even toddlers, and not bothering to keep track of them so our government doesn’t know how to reunite families isn’t Christian.
Ordering traumatized toddlers, sometimes in diapers, into deportation court without their parents to represent themselves is totally absurd and not Christian.  Holding infants and toddlers so long that when they finally see their parents, they don’t recognize them is not Christian.
Criminalizing and refusing severely abused refugees will clearly sentence some of them to death or even torture and is not Christian.
Taking HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from disaster funding (Federal Emergency Management Agency), from money for education, health, and social services for low-income families (Head Start), money for cancer research (the National Cancer Institute), money for HIV/AIDS, programs for mental health, pregnant women’s health, women’s shelters, and substance abuse in order to dramatically expand detention of families with children and deport people with no criminal history is not Christian.
Refusing to ban assault weapons EVEN for those on the terrorist watch list, CUTTING money for reporting crimes like domestic violence and protection orders to the database, NOT prosecuting people who lie about their criminal records or mental illnesses to get guns, and REFUSING universal background checks on guns despite regular mass murders aren’t Christian policies.

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