We Can Have It All!

Free Health Care, Medicines, College & Peace

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Tools For The American Dream

Most Developed Countries Are FAR HAPPIER & SAFER Than US Because Of:

We NEARLY WON Many Of These Benefits!

  • Health Care & Medicines For All
  • College & Job Training For All
  • Great Pay ($20/Hour Minimum)
  • Paid Vacations & Sick Leave
  • Paid New Parent Leave For Months
  • Great Childcare, Pre-K & Education For All
  • Payments To Families With Children
  • Great Retirement Benefits For All
  • Elder Care
  • Common Sense Gun Control
  • Billionaires and corporations spent  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over 4 decades to get ever richer, pay less taxes than us, and shrink the middle class, buying politicians, the Supreme Court, and even writing laws for Congress.
  • That’s why billionaires Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, X) & Jeff Bezos (Amazon) paid no taxes in some years.
  • The top 1% stole $50 TRILLION from the bottom 90%. If not for this, average Americans would be making TWICE their salaries today and the poor would live 12 years longer.
  • Biden TRIED TO GIVE US ALL 3 months paid family medical sick leave, 3 months paid new baby leave, free preschool, free college, and cheap childcare.
  • If we just had A FEW MORE Progressive Democrats in Congress instead of Big Money Republicans & Democrats like Joe Manchin, WE WOULD ALL NOW have these benefits!

Big Money twisted bankruptcy and other laws to:

Big Money uses tax loopholes to buy up and extract profits on most of our economy, often making things more dangerous:

  • eliminate benefits, pay so bad workers need welfare
  • cut government services
  • steal pensions
  • price gouge on food, goods and healthcare
  • avoid paying for consumer/work-related deaths
  • avoid paying for toxic waste, poisoned waters, lands
  • break union contracts
  • zero out worker savings in company stocks
  • rent, housing, trailer parks
  • ambulances, nursing homes, hospitals
  • doctors, hospice & group homes
  • pensions, Medicare
  • colleges
  • farmers, fishermen
  • media companies
  • prisons

More Tools For Raising Awareness

& Changing The World

Angels Praying Shirt: Ban Hate, Not Love!
Snowy White Egret shirt: Protect Our Precious Water, Air & Earth!
Stained Glass Dove of Peace shirt: Free Health Care & College, Like 30 Other Countries
Angels Praying shirt: Love, Help = Progressive = Christian
Dove of Peace shirt: Ban & Buy Back Assault Weapons
Peasant Statue shirt: No Immigrants = Economic Collapse!
Progressive Democrats American Dream sticker
Jesus & Progressive Democrats Agree sticker
Free Health Care, Medicines Like 30 Other Countries
Free Health Care & College poster
American Dream Poster


Powerful Love of Early Christians That Spread Like Wildfire

Jesus was a thrilling, relatable new kind of God, a simple peasant who suffered the agonizing pain and humiliation of crucifixion.  This radical new religion erased all hierarchies of power, seeing everyone as equal in the Lord, with immense dignity, even women and slaves.

In a mean, chaotic world,  early Christians quickly became famous as a loving family with no poor.  They took in orphans and widows, ministering to anyone sick even during pandemics, and feeding the poor, whether Christian or not. 

Trump's Vicious Crimes & Mafia & Oligarch Ties

Neglected but showered by money even as a toddler in a scam where his father claimed him as a landlord, Trump became a bully and child terror.

Sociopath Trump destroyed countless families and businesses, sexually assaulted dozens of women, constantly partnered with mafia and oligarchs, and killed an estimated 500,000 Americans with his actions before and during covid.