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Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

We Can Have It All:

Free Health Care, Medicines, College & Peace

Love Is Powerful!

Love in action (lifting people up with basic needs) can win the American Dream & World Peace.

Stained Glass Dove of Peace Art Greeting Card

We want the GREAT benefits of many European countries!

In Denmark, both HEALTH CARE & COLLEGE are free.  STARTING PAY at McDonalds is $22 an hour and they also get 6 weeks paid vacation each year, paid sick leave, paid health insurance, paid life insurance, a year’s paid maternity leave, and a generous retirement pension!

Why don’t we have these things, like most rich, developed countries?  

First, we waste many trillions of dollars on our self-sabotaging military, wars, and drones, which only create more terrorists.  EVERY place we had wars or drones, Terrorism skyrocketed.  As Martin Luther King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  Helping provide water, food, medicines, and education can win WORLD PEACE.

Second, CORRUPT MONEY POLITICS and 75 years of tax cuts for the wealthy STOLE our decent pay, health care, retirement, and cheap college and constantly cut funds for schools, Social Security, job training, and social services.  Now some people work two jobs yet live in homeless shelters!

Humble Peasant Praying Statue
  • Wars & conflicts cost $14.7 trillion each year worldwide.
  • Experts believe $21 trillion of blood or dirty money hides in offshore accounts.
  • Money laundering by criminals, dictators, and oligarchs likely cause 3.6 million deaths a year.

Why do we let Putin and Saudi prince MBS high five each other at world meetings after killing people!  Why don’t we fix the UN and put democracies in charge, not dictators!

Corruption steals far more than it would cost to feed the whole world, give everyone health care, educate everyone, and provide clean, running water and sanitation to everyone in cities worldwide.

We could capture all the blood money of criminals, dictators, and oligarchs for peace by forcing all shell companies to disclose their ultimate owners!

Imagine a whole world of happy, carefree mothers, full of hope, and joyful children.

Imagine clean water, food, health care, free medicines, and education for all.

All war & terrorism would end.

Awareness/Education Is Key

Public Opinion Drives Politics


We’ve designed both shirts and bumper stickers to help raise awareness.

Shirts To Change The World 

Cobalt Glass Angels Praying: American Dream = Great Pay, Schools, Childcare, Benefits For All
Stained Glass Dove of Peace Shirt: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries
Snowy White Egret: Protect Our Precious, Water, Air, Earth

Bumper Stickers to Change the World 

Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill: End Big $$$ Politics, Corp. Exec. Politicians
Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

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