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We Can Have It All

We Can Change The World

Free Health Care, Medicines, College, & World Peace

Public Opinion Drives Politics

Awareness/Education is Key

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Imagine a whole world of happy mothers, clean water, food, basic health care, free medicines, and education for everyone worldwide.

All war and terrorism would end.

The Cost?

Far less than our self-sabotaging military spending.

And we could capture dictator, oligarch, mafia, and drug cartel money worldwide.

We Could Easily Have:

Free Health Care & Medicines

Free College & Vocational Education

Guaranteed Paid Vacations & Sick Leave

$15 Minimum Wage

Months Of Paid New Parent Leave

Free, Excellent Child Care, Pre-K, & Schools

Student Loan Forgiveness

Great Social Security Retirement

World Peace

Green New Deal to Fight Climate Change & Pollution

(People working at McDonald’s in Denmark, Norway, & Sweden earn $20 an hour and get paid vacation and sick leave.  Some people in the US actually work two fast food jobs yet live in homeless shelters.)

But only progressive Democrats support these things.

Even during this pandemic and economic recession, Republicans:

  • tried to take away food stamps from 700,000 Americans.
  • They are still trying to take health care away from 20 million Americans and eliminate protections for pre-existing health conditions.

We need complete Democratic control—a Democratic president, House, and Senate.  Hopeless poor or young nonvoters (sleeping giants) must 


and use the POWER of their MASSIVE NUMBERS to vote for Democrats, then eliminate Wall Street Democrats who think like stone cold-hearted Republicans.

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Snowy White Egret

So we built this website to build awareness about:

  • How corrupt billionaires stole the American Dream.
  • How Republicans can’t run their campaigns without money from corrupt billionaires, so they’ve become puppets to stone cold-hearted billionaires.
  • The fake talking point that we can’t afford Medicare For All.
  • Republicans said there was just no money for sick children, even those with cancer (Children’s Health Insurance Program) AT THE SAME TIME they gave $1.5 trillion in tax breaks to corporations & the superrich.
  • Trump & Republicans constantly cut Medicare, Social Security, Meals on Wheels for the elderly, food stamps, housing assistance, social services, etc.
  • How water, food, medicines, & education can VERY CHEAPLY win world peace.
  • How democracies worldwide can take away power from vicious dictators & capture their corrupt money & mafia & oligarch money for world peace.
Progressive Politics 101 book graphic

Author Chuck Falcon has put up excerpts from his upcoming book Progressive Politics 101 early, just to help raise awareness.

So tell all your friends, family, and especially independents and any possibly persuadable Republican voters you might know to read his excerpts here:

Next, let’s SPREAD THE WORD about LOVING (Christian, progressive) policies that can bring PEACE & PROSPERITY to ALL.

We’ve designed these shirts to help raise awareness.

Shirts To Change The World 

Cobalt Blue Praying Angels Shirt: Medicines, Clean Water, Food = World Peace
Stained Glass Dove of Peace Shirt: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries
Snowy White Egret Shirt: Clean Water & Energy, Not War
Book Cover: Trump's Endless Fraud & Mafia & Oligarch Partners

Our next book


Donald Trump

as a massively corrupt


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