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We Can Have It All!

Free Health Care, Medicines, College & Peace

Love (Help) Wins:

American Dream & Peace

Stained Glass Dove of Peace Art Greeting Card

Most developed countries are FAR HAPPIER & SAFER than us because of:

Virginia Woolf Shedding Tears
  • Health care & medicines for all
  • College & job training for all
  • Great Pay ($20/Hour Minimum)
  • Paid vacations & sick leave
  • Paid new parent leave for months
  • Great childcare, pre-K & education for all
  • Great retirement benefits for all
  • Common sense gun control

We CAN Have It All!

Love In Action =

Help =

Progressive Policies =

Christianity, Religion In Action

But Awareness & Education Are Key

Public Opinion Drives Politics

Humble Peasant Praying Statue

Help SPREAD THE WORD about LOVING (progressive, Christian) policies that can bring PEACE & PROSPERITY to ALL.

We’ve designed both bumper stickers and shirts to help raise awareness.

Bumper stickers to CHANGE THE WORLD 

Stained Glass Dove of Peace: HELP Wins: American Dream, Peace
Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries


Stained Glass Dove Of Peace Shirt: Food, Healthcare & Education, Not War!
Virginia Woolf Shedding Tears Shirt: Ban & Buy Back Assault Weapons!
Snowy White Egret Shirt: Protect Our Precious, Water, Air & Earth!

Check out our Vision page for ideas on using medicines for world peace, putting democracies in charge worldwide, and capturing dirty money from dictators and crime syndicates worldwide.  Check out the book link there for further details and the immense beauty of early Christianity.

Anything you buy will help us spread the word:

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