We Can Have It All!

Free Health Care, Medicines, College & Peace

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Tools For The American Dream

Most Developed Countries Are FAR HAPPIER & SAFER Than US Because Of:

We NEARLY WON Many Of These Benefits!

  • Health Care & Medicines For All
  • College & Job Training For All
  • Great Pay ($20/Hour Minimum)
  • Paid Vacations & Sick Leave
  • Paid New Parent Leave For Months
  • Great Childcare, Pre-K & Education For All
  • Payments To Families With Children
  • Great Retirement Benefits For All
  • Elder Care
  • Common Sense Gun Control
  • Billionaires and corporations spent  BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over 4 decades to get ever richer, pay less taxes than us, and shrink the middle class, buying politicians, the Supreme Court, and even writing laws for Congress.
  • That’s why billionaires Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, X) & Jeff Bezos (Amazon) paid no taxes in some years.
  • The top 1% stole $50 TRILLION from the bottom 90%. If not for this, average Americans would be making TWICE their salaries today and the poor would live 12 years longer.
  • Biden TRIED TO GIVE US ALL 3 months paid family medical sick leave, 3 months paid new baby leave, free preschool, free college, and cheap childcare.
  • If we just had A FEW MORE Progressive Democrats in Congress instead of Big Money Republicans & Democrats like Joe Manchin, WE WOULD ALL NOW have these benefits!

Big Money twisted bankruptcy and other laws to:

Big Money uses tax loopholes to buy up and extract profits on most of our economy, often making things more dangerous:

  • eliminate benefits, pay so bad workers need welfare
  • cut government services
  • steal pensions
  • price gouge on food, goods and healthcare
  • avoid paying for consumer/work-related deaths
  • avoid paying for toxic waste, poisoned waters, lands
  • break union contracts
  • zero out worker savings in company stocks
  • rent, housing, trailer parks
  • ambulances, nursing homes, hospitals
  • doctors, hospice & group homes
  • pensions, Medicare
  • colleges
  • farmers, fishermen
  • media companies
  • prisons