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Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

We Can Have It All:

Free Health Care, Medicines, College & Peace

American Dream =

GREAT Pay, Schools, Childcare, & Benefits For All

Stained Glass Dove of Peace Art Greeting Card

Our military spending hurts us in 2 ways: 

It creates terrorists: HATE (war, drones) can’t stop HATE (terrorism)

It wastes all the money that could create the AMERICAN DREAM!

European Benefits vs. American Struggling

Many people working at McDonald’s in Europe earn over $20 an hour plus GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE benefits.

For example in Denmark, STARTING PAY at McDonalds is $22 an hour and THEY GET 6 weeks paid vacation each year, paid sick leave, paid health insurance, paid life insurance, a year’s paid maternity leave, and a retirement pension!

Some people in the U.S. work 2 FAST FOOD JOBS yet LIVE IN HOMELESS SHELTERS!

Humble Peasant Praying Statue

Loving (Progressive, Christian) Policies Make Many Countries Far HAPPIER & SAFER than Us:

Free Health Care & Medicines

Free College & Vocational Education

Guaranteed Paid Vacations & Sick Leave

$20 Minimum Wage

Months Of Paid New Parent Leave

Free, Excellent Child Care, Pre-K, & Schools

Great, Comfortable Retirement

Sensible Gun Control

Awareness/Education Is Key

Public Opinion Drives Politics


We’ve designed both shirts and bumper stickers to help raise awareness.

Shirts To Change The World 

Cobalt Glass Angels Praying: American Dream = Great Pay, Schools, Childcare, Benefits For All
Stained Glass Dove of Peace Shirt: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries
Snowy White Egret: Protect Our Precious, Water, Air, Earth

Bumper Stickers to Change the World 

Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill: End Big $$$ Politics, Corp. Exec. Politicians
Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

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