Stickers To Change The World

3 Women Arm in Arm With Flowers

We Can
Make A Difference

Democracy is very powerful. Public opinion drives policy. Awareness/education is key.

Let’s SPREAD THE WORD about policies based on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL!

We have 22 Progressive Stickers:

Use them on vehicles and public-facing windows, walls, bulletin boards, and shared office or commercial spaces to raise awareness.

4 American Dream Stickers

5 Peace Stickers

7 Political Stickers

4 Gun Violence Stickers

1 Environmental & 1 Feminist Stickers

Our long-lasting, high-gloss vinyl $7.50 Stickers are 9″ x 4″ and include the cost of shipping & handling.  

Stickers have come a LONG WAY and won’t damage windows, your vehicle paint finish, or hard, glossy surfaces.

Removing them is VERY EASY: just move a blow dryer back and forth to heat up and soften the whole sticker evenly.  Then use your fingernail or a credit card to start peeling it off.  If any adhesive residue should remain, use any oil, lubricant, WD-40, Goo Gone, acetone, nail polish remover, or rubbing alcohol, then wash it off.  

Warning: We can’t guarantee easy, complete removal of residue with no damage on all surfaces.  To place it on a painted wall, for example, we recommend leaving the tear-off backing on so no adhesive is exposed and using a removable adhesive dot or tape on the four corners.