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Three Women Arm In Arm With Flowers


We Can

Make A Difference


Democracy is very powerful.  Public opinion drives policy.  Awareness/education is key.
Let’s SPREAD THE WORD about policies based on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL.
We Have 13 Different Progressive Political T Shirt Messages in 5 Categories, with 5 extra cobalt angel shirts:
American Dream         End Corrupt Politics         Christian         Environmental         Feminist
Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

American Dream Dove of Peace Shirts

Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

American Dream, Prosperity Angel Shirts

10 American Dream Shirts (5 Dove, 5 Angel):

American Dream = Great Pay, Schools, Childcare, Benefits For All

Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

Free College, Like 30 Other Countries

Military $$$ Cause Terrorism, No $$$ For American Dream

Cut Military = Great Pay, Schools, Childcare, Benefits For All

Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill: Not in Politics

$100 End Corrupt Politics Shirt

1 End Corrupt Politics Shirt:

End Big $$$ In Politics, Corp. Exec. Politicians

Jesus with halo

Jesus Christian Shirts

3 Christian Shirts:

Food, Health Care, Great Benefits, Housing For All

Love Immigrants (Samaritan), Children & Victims Are Not Illegal

Jail For Minor Crimes, Addicts Destroys Families

Snowy White Egret

Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts

2 Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts:

Protect Our Precious Water, Air, Earth

Save Nature: Green Jobs Pay Great!

Virginia Wolf crying a teardrop

Crying Woman Feminist Shirts

2 Virginia Woolf Crying A Tear Feminist Shirts:

My Body, My Rules

Dump Even Verbal Abusers

Our $35 Cobalt Blue Angel Candlesticks shirt designs are made with the photographic-quality Direct-To-Garment printer technology.  The rest of the shirts are screen printed and cost $25.  These prices already include our shipping and handling fees.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our shirts, with free replacement after you send it back to us.  Watch for our new Kickstarter campaign for shirts.  We will link to it soon.

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