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Three Women Arm In Arm With Flowers


We Can

Make A Difference


Democracy is very powerful.  Public opinion drives policy.  Education/awareness is key.
Let’s SPREAD THE WORD about policies based on LOVE that can bring PEACE and PROSPERITY to ALL.
We Have 62 Different Progressive Political T Shirts in 9 Categories:
Peace         American Dream/Prosperity         Environmental         Save Our Democracy
Legal Justice         Christian         Gun Safety         Feminist         Resist Trump
Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

Peace Angel Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Peace Dove Shirts

4 of Each Peace Shirt Design:

Hate (War, Drones) Can’t Stop Hate (Terrorism)

Use Clean Water, Food, Medicines To End War

Children & Victims Are Not Illegal

Our Economy Would Crash Without Immigrants

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

American Dream, Prosperity Dove of Peace Shirts

Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

American Dream, Prosperity Angel Shirts

5 of Each American Dream, Prosperity Shirt Design:

Free Health Care & Medicines, Like 29 Other Countries

Free College, Like 30 Other Countries

Low Cost, High Quality Childcare For All

Paid Vacations, Sick & Maternity Leave For All

$15 Minimum Wage

Republican Policies Are Mean, Not Christian

Pass The Equality Act

Snowy White Egret

Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts

5 Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirts:

Protect Our Earth, A Good Planet Is Hard To Find!

Green New Deal

Clean Water & Energy, Not War!

For Health & Environment: Eat Less Meat

Make Billionaires Clean Up Their Pollution

Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

Legal Justice Angel Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Legal Justice Dove Of Peace Shirts

Sad Woman Crying A Tear In Jail

Legal Justice Woman In Jail Shirts

8 Legal Justice Shirts (3 Angel, 3 Dove):

Treat Addicts, Jail Destroys Families & Lives

No Jail For Minor, Nonviolent Crimes

End Bail, Fines, & Fees Jailing The Poor

2 Woman In Jail Shirts:

Arrest Buyers For Child Sex, Not Victims

24/7 Police Body Video, Outside Investigations

The Rich Bribing Congress

Save Our Democracy Shirts

4 Save Our Democracy Shirts:

End Big Money, Lobbies, Corp. Leaders In Politics

Election Day Holiday & Registration

End Gerrymandering & Electoral College

Impeach Bigot, Anti-Vote, & Pro-Corp. Judges

Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

Gun Safety Angel Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace With Olive Branch

Gun Safety Dove Of Peace Shirts

3 of Each Gun Safety Shirt Design:

No Guns For Abusers, Terror Suspects

Background Checks On All Gun Sales

Ban & Buy Back Assault Weapons

Sad Woman Crying A Tear

Crying Woman Feminist Shirts

3 Crying Woman Feminist Shirt Designs:

No Means NO!

Dump Even Verbal Abusers

My Body, My Rules

Jesus with Halo, Crown of Thorns

Jesus With Halo & Crown of Thorns Shirts

Cobalt Blue Angels Praying2

Christian Angel Shirts

4 Jesus Shirt Designs, 1 More Angel Shirt:

Free Health Care For All

High Quality Child Care, Education For All

Use Clean Water, Food, Medicines To End War

Children & Victims Are Not Illegal

Love Muslims & LGBT (Angel Shirt, too)

Mean President Trump

Trump Resistance Shirts

8 Trump Resistance Shirt Designs:

We Are Better Than This!

No President Is Above The Law

Hate & Massive Corruption

Russia, Lies, & Crimes Elected Me

Not My President

Bigot, Sex Abuser, Sociopath

Moron, Bully, Traitor

Lock HIM Up!

Our $35 Cobalt Blue Angel Candlesticks shirt designs are made with the photographic-quality Direct-To-Garment printer technology.  The rest of the shirts are screen printed and cost $25.  These prices already include our shipping and handling fees.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our shirts, with free replacement after you send it back to us.  Watch for our new Kickstarter campaign for shirts.  We will link to it soon.

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