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Shirts To Change The World

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We Can

Make A Difference


Democracy is very powerful.  Public opinion drives policy.  Awareness/education is key.
We Have 14 Progressive T Shirts in 6 Categories:
American Dream         Peace        Political         Gun Violence        Environmental         Feminist

4 American Dream Shirts

Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Free Health, Medicines, Like 30 Other Countries shirt
Angels: Progressive Democrats: Free Health & Child Care, Meds, Pre-K, College shirt
Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Free College, Like 30 Other Countries! shirt
Stained Glass Dove of Peace: Progressive Democrats FIGHT For The American Dream! shirt

3 Peace Shirts

Angels: Food, Health Care & Education, Not War! shirt
Angels: Love, Help = Progressive = Christian shirt
Stained Glass Dove Of Peace: Help Wins: * American Dream * Peace shirt

3 Political Shirts

Angels: Children & Victims Are NOT Illegal shirt
Angels: Save Families! NO Jail For Small Crimes & Addicts shirt
Peasant: No Immigrants = Economic COLLAPSE! shirt

2 Gun Violence Shirts

Stained Glass Dove Of Peace: Test, License & Insure Guns Like Cars
Angels: Ban & Buy Back Assault Weapons!
Snowy White Egret: Protect Our Precious Water, Air & Earth shirt

1 Snowy White Egret Environmental Shirt

Snowy White Egret
Angels: My Body, MY Rules! shirt

1 Angels Feminist Shirt

Angels On White Background

Our shirts cost $25.  Shipping and handling are already included in this price.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our shirts, with free replacement after you send it back to us. 

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