Democratic Presidents Create Stronger Economies

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History Shows Democratic Presidents Create Stronger Economies

Who manages the economy the best?  Democrats or Republicans?  History shows us Democrats do the best, by far!  Check out the following statistics.


We’ve had 17 recessions over the last 100 years, with 13 happening under Republican presidents and only 4 under Democratic presidents. 

The 4 very worst recessions occurred under Republican presidents, including the Great Depression and Trump’s covid recession in 2020.

Economic Growth:

No president has ever had larger growth in gross domestic product (GDP) since the Democratic president Franklin Roosevelt. 

The next 3 best presidents for GDP growth were the Democratic presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton, in descending order.

Donald Trump had the very worst growth in GDP of all the presidents since Roosevelt.

Job Creation:

The 6 presidents with the fastest rate of job growth since Roosevelt were all Democrats: Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Clinton.

The 4 worst in job growth since Roosevelt were all Republican: Eisenhower, both Bush presidents (father and son), and Trump.

Trump had the very worst job growth.  In the last 90 years, he was the only president to lose more jobs than he created!

Trump did create 7 million jobs before covid.  But Obama created 1.3 million more during the equivalent period of Obama’s last term.


In general, Democrats have done far better with our deficit than Republicans.

Clinton cleaned up the deficit exploded by Republican George H. W. Bush to $255 billion.  Clinton took that huge deficit and turned it into a surplus of $236 billion.

Republican George W. Bush exploded the deficit again up to $1.4 trillion with his tax cuts and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Democrat Obama brought that down by half to $584.6 billion. 

Republican Trump exploded it back up to $3.1 trillion. 

Biden has it down to $1.7 trillion now.

Stock Markets:

Princeton economists Alan Blinder and Mark Watson found that, since Truman, stock markets rose more than twice as high under Democratic presidents than under Republican ones.

Comparing Recent Democratic & Republican Presidents

In the 32 years between 1988 and 2020, we had 16 years with Democratic presidents and 16 years with Republican presidents.

During this time:

Democrats created 33.8 million jobs, Republicans only 1.9 million.

  • Democrats grew the gross domestic product (GDP) 3.1%, Republicans only 1.62%.
  • Democrats increased median household income 9.5%, Republicans only 0.6%.
  • Democrats increased the Dow Jones an average of 185.5%, Republicans only 26%.
  • Democrats reduced our deficit by $400 billion, Republicans increased it by $3.5 trillion!

(This article draws from two New Republic articles from 5-3-22 and 10-31-22)