Loving Politics = Help: The American Dream Saves Money!

Blue Glass Angels Praying

Loving political policies offering simple, basic HELP save a great deal of money in the long run and pay off in peace and prosperity. 

Because poverty, mental illness and addiction causes crime, providing HELP IS FAR CHEAPER in the long run than not doing these things. 

Early Prevention Saves Massive Amounts of Money

  • In our health care system, we neglect people until they get sick and disabled, then use expensive specialists to treat them.
  • We need far more access to family doctors and early prevention.
  • Good health care and expanding Medicaid prevents disabilities, keeps people able to work, reduces crime and makes communities safer.
  • Food stamps help women have healthier babies, reduce obesity, diabetes, and heart disease later on, and make it more likely children will complete school and earn better money as adults, reducing the need for welfare.
  • Welfare improves children’s nutrition, success in school later, income in adulthood, and even the health and lifespan of children as they age.
  • Mental health and addiction services effectively reduce crime.
  • Great child care, education, job skills training and summer job programs are very effective in preventing crime and later welfare use or prison in adulthood.
  • Experts believe high-quality early childhood education would add $2 trillion to our economy each year within a generation!
  • Good social services reduce crime, overdose deaths, violence and homicide.
  • Emergency financial assistance and guaranteed basic income prevent violence and make communities safer.
  • Housing the homeless actually saves money, costing far less than temporary shelters and the extra hospital and jail stays that result when people remain  homeless.
  • Services to help disabled people live at home are far cheaper than nursing homes.
  • Early prevention programs like skills training for new parents and cheap early screening and intervention for children can save 28 to 100 times their cost by preventing later disability benefits, adult psychiatric services, crimes, jail costs, special education programs, etc.

Experts know prisons crowded with nonviolent offenders hurts our economy and destroys families!

  • They estimate jailing too many people costs us $1.2 trillion a year in police, jails, lost income and family poverty.
  • Other wealthy countries have far better social services than we do. 
  • They jail people at a rate 85% lower than we do, on average.
  • Yet they have less crime and murders than we do, because of their social services and better gun control.

Investing in ALL our people is the only way to have a happy, peaceful, prosperous nation.

  • Experts estimate child poverty costs us about $500 billion a year in lost productivity and extra health and crime costs.
  • If the top 1% of rich Americans just paid the taxes they owed, we could nearly eliminate all poverty in the US with that additional $175 billion a year!

Taking good care of people with basic human rights and social safety net programs is the most LOVING or CHRISTIAN thing we can do. 

Gun Control Is Loving Help

Each year gun violence in the US kills 40,000 people, wounds twice as many, and costs us up to $557 billion. 

Contrary to popular opinion, owning a gun does not make you any safer from murder by strangers.  Instead, it is MORE DANGEROUS!  Owning a gun is associated with:

  • 7 times as many shootings of lovers and romantic partners
  • 4 times the suicides

In 1959, 60% of Americans told the Gallup poll they favored a ban on handguns except for police and other authorized persons.

  • Our Supreme Court made a terrible mistake when they fell for the National Rifle Association’s lies and brainwashing campaign and declared the 2nd Amendment meant individual gun rights for all.
  • Conservative Chief Justice Warren Burger called this “one of the greatest pieces of fraud” he had seen in his lifetime.

What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus would also fight for the loving politics of HELP: giving everyone the basic foundations in life for success, lifting people up when they are down and out, and reducing violence.