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Loving Capitalism, The American Dream, Violence & Evil

We are the richest country in the world!  It’s insane that so many Americans struggle with the worst rates of poverty, gun violence, and maternal mortality in the developed world.

Despite greedy billionaire puppet talking points, decades of research in countries all over the world prove that tax cuts for the wealthy (trickle-down economics) don’t create more jobs and prosperity for everyone. 

  • Instead, tax cuts for the rich just make wealthy people ever richer, make most of us poorer, leave more people struggling, and very often kill people.
  • Poor people in the US now die, on average, 12 to 13 years earlier than rich people.
  • The gap in deaths between rich and poor people in the US has risen by a staggering 570% since 1980, along with our wealth inequality.
  • Americans die younger than people in most other developed nations and this is getting worse over time.
  • Our child poverty and infant mortality rates are the worst in the developed world.

One study analyzing the US and 17 other developed nations from 1970 to 2010 found:

  • If our unemployment insurance, sickness benefits, and pensions were as generous as just the average of those 17 other nations, US life expectancy would increase by nearly 4 years!
  • If we copied the most generous welfare states of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, our life expectancy would increase by 5.56 years!

Our Medicare and Medicaid systems are not as generous as the health care systems in most developed countries.

Research consistently shows countries with the best life expectancies and the lowest infant mortality have more generous income benefits for their poorest peoples.

Research worldwide shows countries with great wealth inequality like ours have:

  • less opportunity
  • more obesity, chronic illnesses, addictions & shorter lives
  • higher murder rates
  • higher teenage births
  • more bullying in schools
  • lower levels of trust
  • more mental illness

For example, Americans trust each other less than half as often as people do in Sweden.

More equal developed societies providing good social services are happier and less violent than nations with great wealth inequality like the US.  They often have as little as:

  • 1/3rd the rate of mental illness
  • 1/10 the rate of violence

The United States is far behind most other wealthy nations in taking good care of its people.

  • Every other Western industrial country got universal health care in the 1930s or 1940s.
  • The average worldwide paid leave for new mothers is 29 weeks.
  • Americans struggle with rents that wipe out most of their income, health issues, extremely high child-care costs, and deteriorating schools.

Many European nations have more loving policies with far more social services to help people succeed.  Everybody in nations like Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and Iceland has:

  • new parent leave
  • great child care
  • great education
  • great health care
  • a comfortable retirement
  • good wages
  • paid vacation and sick leave
  • plenty of time for family life, sports, and hobbies

These countries have become the real lands of opportunity.

  • Poor people in northern Europe are now much more likely to climb the ladder of success than are poor people in the US.
  • Over 80% of people in these countries rise in economic class above their parents.
  • The good social services in these countries plus common sense gun control creates their happier, more peaceful lives.

Better public services are more strongly correlated with happiness than even being married or having a job!

Clearly, giving everyone access to child care, free preschool, free vocational education and college, paid family and medical leave, paid new baby leave, and paid vacations greatly reduces stress, especially on poor people.

Violence Rises When Government Cuts Lead to Economic Stress

A review of the years 1900 to 1979 showed that US suicide and murder rates tend to rise and fall together with unemployment.  Many other studies worldwide show unemployment, bankruptcy, and suicide are closely related.

A study published in 2014 by forensic psychiatrists James Gilligan and Bandy Lee found for over a century, ever since 1900, every time we had a Republican president:

  • economic growth slowed
  • unemployment, economic inequality, and stress increased
  • rates of suicide and murder skyrocketed!

As billionaires brainwashed us to hate government and cut services over the last few decades, crumbling our safety net, our rates of murder, incarceration, and poverty have been 5 to 10 times higher than in Western Europe, Canada, and Australia!

Also, states that voted for Republican presidential candidates had higher murder and suicide rates than states that voted for Democratic candidates!

It makes perfect sense: when conservative and Republican cuts lead to increases in unemployment, poverty, bankruptcy, and homelessness, more people will snap. 

When liberal Democrats come in and make lives a little easier for the poor:

  • economic growth increases
  • unemployment decreases
  • murder and suicide rates plummet 

Experts see this same pattern with conservative and liberal political parties in England and Australia.

Sadly, corrupt Big Money billionaires and their puppet politicians (nearly all Republicans and many Democrats, too) seem to hate the public services that provide the foundations for success and could make us a land of opportunity again and a more happy, peaceful nation!

We CAN fight Big Money Politics!

  • We don’t have to live in our corrupt dog-eat-dog, mean Big Money capitalism, with all its problems and violence.
  • We can take our democracy back.
  • We can have Loving Politics, where everyone gets the basic foundations for success.
  • We can have the American Dream!

Taxes built to be higher for the wealthy create rich, peaceful, and productive societies by providing opportunity for all with:

  • great childcare, pre-K, and education
  • great health care
  • community services
  • infrastructure
  • scientific research

Loving Capitalism = High Levels Of Public Spending For All

  • would win back The American Dream!
  • would provide basic human needs or human rights and creates a happier, more prosperous, safer society.

WE CAN build the American Dream with Loving Capitalism, with far more social services like those in most other wealthy industrialized nations. 

  • This would be far better than the ruthless, dog-eat-dog, winner-take-all free market capitalism struggling Americans face today!
  • Doing this would create far more trust, kindness, peace, harmony and prosperity in the US!

You Cannot Separate Politics & Religion 

Love and Hate always comes into the mix when you are talking about human beings and their policy choices and actions.

Many political choices are moral in nature because of their consequences to vulnerable people.

Since ancient times, people have described the human tendency for evil by saying there lurks a wild beast, dark side, or devil within us.

Hate & evil have strong, deep roots in us.  In politics, you can see this in the astonishing popularity of three things:

  • fear, rejection, and hatred of others: immigrants, different religions, lifestyles
  • the repeating karmic cycle of hatred/violence/wars/terrorism
  • the othering/demonizing/dehumanizing that often leads to violence

Religion has taken its stand and chosen Love.  All religions fight these primeval, dark human tendencies.

To be happy and live in peace, we must fight selfishness, hate & evil, both within ourselves and in the world, and strive for virtues, ideals, and justice.

All violence is terrorism, including supposedly “just” wars for retaliation or self-defense.

The Mean & Deadly Propaganda Of Corrupt Billionaires

Corrupt billionaires have trained conservative media puppets to convince most of us that our dog-eat-dog “free market” capitalism is the best and only way, despite its terrible results! 

Heaven forbid we tax the rich to give the down and out a helping hand or to lift up those in poverty with a living wage, good child care, and education!

Corrupt billionaires also demonize immigrants, along with the poor, stay in power. 

They have flooded our media with constant, hysterical, hateful, propaganda against immigrants.  These sentiments are the exact opposite of the teachings of Jesus!

In the past, both Democrats and Republicans negotiated to set procedures to allow immigrants into our country. 

Now, fearing public sentiment manipulated by Big Money, even Biden and Democrats are caving in to extreme, mean policies against immigrants.

Let’s be clear: As detailed in the free article on Fox News Lies & Hysteria Block The American Dream:

  • Our economy would collapse without immigrants.
  • Immigrants strengthen our economy.
  • Immigrants pay billions of dollars more in taxes than they use.
  • Immigrants are less violent than people born in America.
  • Immigrants are the only answer to growing our economy and taking care of our growing elderly population, given our low fertility rates.
  • Most immigrants (77%) are of working ages (18 to 64 years old).
  • Elderly, sick, and weak people don’t trek across the world to find a better, safer life. Healthy workers do.

Corrupt billionaires also manipulated our media and brainwashed Americans to be angry about gun control, despite constant murders, suicides, and mass shootings!