Stained Glass Dove of Peace

How To Create World Peace

“Hate cannot drive out hate.  Only love can do that.”         Martin Luther King

“Let us not use bombs to overcome the world—let us use love and compassion.          Mother Theresa

Imagine a whole world of happy, carefree mothers, full of hope, and joyful children.

Imagine clean water, food, health care, free medicines, and education for all.

All war & terrorism would end.

We Can’t Beat Hate (Terrorism) With Hate (War)

Let’s Spend Far Less & Be Far More Safe

Prevent War & Terrorism With Human Rights & Justice

Wars & Conflicts Cost $14.3 Trillion Each Year Worldwide

Imagine ending our hundreds of billions of dollars supporting brutal dictators worldwide.

Imagine requiring human rights and democratic reforms for our support.

Imagine sanctions on any country supplying weapons to conflict zones.

Imagine democracies taking control with a new, more effective United Nations built with rewards and penalties to force dictators out, free political prisoners, end torture in prisons, and spread freedom, justice, and democracy everywhere.

Imagine taking down all dictators, crime mafias, Russian oligarchs, and corrupt public officials by exposing the ultimate owners of all shell companies and capturing their mansions and ill-gotten gains bought with dirty blood money.

Imagine selling the properties of dictators, crime mafias, and Russian oligarchs to pay for providing the whole world with:

  • clean water
  • food
  • health care
  • medicines
  • education
  • shelter

Imagine making US democracy as strong as most functioning democracies in the world by eliminating:

  • Unlimited special interest cash flow into election campaigns
  • Huge media outlets hawking conspiracy theories and white supremacists
  • The Electoral College, which makes only the votes in swing states really count
  • Politicians forcing votes not to count with gerrymandering (using computers to draw voter district maps in extremely complex, distorted shapes to bury voters of the other party into permanent minorities even if they win a landslide)
  • Greedy billionaire buying, training, and grading Big Money judges, especially for the Supreme Court