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Wear Any of Our 3 Peace Shirts To Raise Consciousness and Promote Peace & Love Everywhere You Go.

To View Each of the 3 Shirts:  You can simply click on each of the 3 pictures to the left to see the shirt close up.  In the close up view, you can click the arrows to see the previous or next shirt close up.

To Order A Shirt, Use The Message and Size Option Bars:  A picture of each shirt will pop up in the large box on the left AFTER YOU CHOOSE BOTH the political message and your size.  This will enable the shopping cart.  (You can also click on that pop-up shirt picture to see it close up.)

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  • Food, Healthcare & Education, Not War!
  • HELP Wins: *American Dream *Peace
  • Love (Help) = Progressive = Christian

Food, Healthcare & Education, Not War!, HELP Wins: *American Dream *Peace, Love (Help) = Progressive = Christian