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Biden's Successes Fighting Big Money For The American Dream

Biden never gave up fighting for the American Dream.  Let’s look at his many successes against Big Money for us regular Americans!

Historic $90 Billion Investment In High Speed Internet

Biden is investing $90 billion into high-speed internet (100 megabits per second download and 20 megabits per second upload speed) over the next 10 years for Americans in underserved rural areas.

Fighting Family & Child Poverty

  • Biden passed a Child Tax Credit during the pandemic that cut taxes for millions of families and cut child poverty in half.
  • He wants to bring back that expired tax credit.

Improving Nursing Homes

Biden has set up minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes for the first time.

Eliminating Hidden Junk Fees & Bank Overdraft Fees

  • at airlines
  • at hotels
  • at apartment rentals (to pay fees online, sort mail or collect trash, etc.)
  • at car rentals
  • at online ticket sellers like Live Nation and Ticketmaster

Biden’s crackdown has already saved consumers billions of dollars.

  • Because of Biden, nearly 2/3 of large banks have eliminated overdraft or bounced check fees.
  • Bounced check fees are down more than 85% since 2021—this alone saved Americans over $2 billion.

Fighting Greedy Credit Cards

  • Biden capped missed or late credit card fees at $8, down from an average of $32 at some large companies.
  • This alone could save Americans $10 billion each year.
  • Biden is making credit card comparison websites tilted to huge banks with very high interest rates to be less deceptive.
  • He is also launching a government credit card comparison website that will make the best credit card interest rates far easier to find.

Biden’s crackdown on junk fees is already saving Americans $20 billion a year.

Wins Over Big Pharma For Regular Americans:

Biden greatly lowered medicine costs for everybody on Medicare.

  • In 2024, after the deductible, someone with Medicare never has to pay more than $3,300 for all their medicines the whole year long, no matter how expensive their medicines are!
  • In 2025, it gets even better! Those on Medicare won’t ever have to pay more than $2,000 for the whole year.

Biden lowered the price of insulin to $35 for the vast majority of diabetics.

  • He gave everyone on Medicare insulin for $35 a month, instead of $400 a month.
  • Biden forced drug companies to cut most of their insulin prices 75% to $35 a month for most diabetics.
  • Under Biden’s new law, if they hadn’t, they would have had to pay Medicaid up to $150 per vial sold.
  • Biden’s 2024 budget proposes to cap insulin at $35 for EVERYBODY and curb inflation on all prescription drug prices.

Biden passed a law letting Medicare negotiate drug prices, something politicians have tried and failed to do for decades. 

  • Donald Trump tried to do this for a short time and failed.
  • Biden’s government has already selected the first 10 medicines for reduced pricing, choosing those medicines costing Medicare the very most in total spending.
  • This means millions of people will save up to $6,548 per month on very expensive heart, diabetes, arthritis and even cancer medicines.
  • It will also save us taxpayers $160 billion in payments to Big Pharma.
  • Biden wants to let Medicare negotiate the prices of 500 drugs over the next 10 years, to save another $200 billion.

Biden made recommended vaccines free for those on Medicare. 

Biden eliminated the 5% co-insurance for the catastrophic phase of Medicare.

Biden gave rebates to people on Medicare getting expensive medicines at hospitals and in doctors’ offices that skyrocketed in cost worse than inflation, saving people up to $449 per 3 months in lower coinsurance.

Biden passed the PACT Act, helping millions of veterans exposed to toxins who are now fighting over 100 cancers.

In contrast, Republicans are already calling to eliminate all new laws lowering prescription drug prices.

Biden’s Record High American Health Insurance Coverage 

Biden & Obama made health insurance companies cover people with pre-existing conditions.  Before they passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), insurance companies would either:

  • reject people with expensive illnesses
  • charge them extremely high rates for health insurance

Biden greatly improved the ACA, making health care far cheaper for regular Americans.

  • He expanded the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act and eliminated the low income requirement of less than 4 times the poverty level.
  • Biden’s changes kept ACA health insurance prices 50% lower than they would have been otherwise.

Because of Biden, we now have a record high of Americans with health insurance!

  • States like New York and Massachusetts are now close to having universal health care!

Fighting For Farmers, Ranchers & Renters

  • Biden is fighting greedy, deceptive contracts with false or misleading information that huge corporations force onto farmers and ranchers.
  • He is fighting against retaliation for using competing businesses and fighting discrimination in agriculture, livestock, and poultry markets, helping small and mid-size farmers with more choices in food processing, fertilizer, and seed and other agriculture supplies.
  • Biden is fighting landlords who force all renters to pay for broadband internet services even if they don’t want it.

The Largest Investment In Clean Drinking Water ($50 Billion) In American History

This investment includes a large amount of money for identifying and replacing the lead pipes that are poisoning about 22 million Americans across the country. 

 Cleaning Up Air Pollution That Kills & Dangerous Hazards

Biden has committed at least $148 billion to fixing environmental hazards like

  • sewage backing up in people’s homes and yards.
  • improving air pollution from cars, power and chemical plants, etc that cause serious illnesses, disabilities and deaths, especially in poor neighborhoods.
  • Restricting toxic substances like particulates (soot) in the air, wastewater discharges, mercury gas, coal ash, etc.
  • Biden has reviewed and reinstated over 100 environmental regulations that Trump watered down or removed.
  • This will prevent illnesses and save lives.