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Our featured author Chuck Falcon is a highly acclaimed psychology self-help author who won rave reviews from national and international psychology organizations for his self-help book Family Desk Reference to Psychology. He appeared on TV and radio shows promoting this book. He is also an artist and peace and human rights activist. He created all the images on this website but he used and modified free domain art or photos to create the peasant statue, the pictures of politicians, and Virginia Woolf with tears. After finishing the psychology book, he became obsessed with politics and human rights. We offer his musings and obsessions as ebooks.
The Tempest
Child in Field
Snowy White Egret
Virginia Woolf with Tears
Egret 2
Blue Glass Angels Praying

Chuck colorized the image of Virginia Woolf and added the tears.

Chuck Falcon has created the exclusive, original pieces of stained glass and one quilt below for donor/art collectors to raise money to help promote this website to spread the word and win the American Dream!.  

Beveled Stained Glass Dove of Peace
Stained Glass Rose Lamp
Mission or Frank Lloyd Wright style Stained Glass Window 2
Mission or Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass Window 2
Sun Lamp side view
Stained Glass Sun Lamp
Quilt, no sun
Quilt in Sun
Quilt detail
Quilt Lightning Stitches
Lightning Stitch

The stained glass rose lamp and the lady with the mirror date back to his youth (age 20-21).  The rose lamp is 20 inches in diameter and 13 inches high, including the cap and fringe, with 8 roses, 8 rosebuds, and approximately 800 pieces.  The lady with the mirror is 34.5 inches wide by 46 inches tall.  

The beveled stained glass dove of peace was the original used for the shirts, posters, stickers and books.  This piece required an extraordinary amount of work sanding down the beveled glass pieces to make them all fit the design.  There are two views of the sun lamp.  The Mission or Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass pieces can be made to fit a window, if desired.

Both the celestial dove of peace stained glass and quilt symbolize the dawn of peace if we can put progressive Democrats in power. 

The quilt uses fabrics from the Hoffman Bali Watercolors Style 1895 Batik Collection, specifically their sapphire, grape juice, cobalt, pine, citrine, cardinal, and squash colors and their shiny white base.  The quilt measures 35 inches in both height and width.  It is designed as an art quilt for the wall, with a wide pocket open on both ends on the upper back for inserting a rod to hang it.  It also has small weights inside the bottom to keep it falling flat.  The moon and dove are both very generously overstuffed Trapunto for dramatic height and relief.  The sun has a diamond stitch pattern and the deep blue night sky has a lightning stitch pattern.

Art collectors may bid for any of these pieces in a private bid auction by emailing their offer, name, address, and phone number to bids@WeCanHaveItAll.Org.