Biden Fights For The American Dream

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Biden Fights For The American Dream

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Biden fought Big Pharma and won every American on Medicare a cap for all their medicines of $3,300 in 2024 and ONLY $2,000 in 2025!

In fact, Biden wants to give every American the same low cap on all their medicines each year of $2,000!

Biden’s 2025 budget proposal urges Congress to give every American 4 months of paid family & medical leave! 

If it weren’t for Big Money puppet politicans, we would already be enjoying many of the benefits of the American Dream!

Biden’s Build Back Better tried to transform America by proposing:

  • universal 3-month paid family medical sick leave, with an inclusive definition of family, so workers can care for a loved one not related by blood
  • universal 3-month paid new baby leave
  • 3 days of grief leave per year when a loved one dies
  • $15 minimum wage
  • 2 years of free community college
  • free preschool
  • funding to build new schools and modernize older schools (many old schools still have dangerous lead paint)
  • over $20 billion for new and renovated affordable housing and rental assistance
  • eliminate zoning barriers to affordable housing
  • job training and apprenticeship programs
  • make permanent the Child Tax Credit that cut child poverty in half
  • cheap high quality child care, limiting the cost to 7% of income for most families, to save the average family $14,800 each year
  • dental and vision benefits for Medicare
  • funding for conservation jobs protecting our public lands and water
  • investments in clean energy

Unfortunately, with Congress so closely divided between Democrats and Republicans, two Big Money Democrats (Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema) constantly tipped the scales and blocked all these plans.

Biden is still fighting for the American Dream!

Biden’s March 2024 State of the Union speech proposed: 

  • access to preschool for all children 3 and 4 years old, to improve their high school and college graduation rates
  • expanding high-quality tutoring and summer learning to make sure every child can read by 3rdgrade
  • legislation to protect our children online
  • connecting businesses and high schools for vocational training
  • capping the price of insulin at $35 for ALL Americans
  • removing poisonous lead pipes so every child can drink clean water without the risk of getting brain damage
  • providing affordable high-speed internet for every American no matter where they live
  • capping prescription drug costs at $2,000 a year for ALL Americans
  • bargaining to lower the prices of 500 medicines on Medicare
  • spending $12 billion to improve women’s health research
  • making permanent his tax credits that save $800 per person per year reducing health care premiums
  • an annual tax credit of $400 per month to help Americans buy homes
  • building and renovating 2 million affordable homes to bring rents down
  • restoring his expired Child Tax Credit that cut child poverty in half
  • cutting the federal deficit $3 trillion more by making big corporations and the very wealthy finally pay their fair share
  • raising $500 billion over the next 10 years by making billionaires pay a minimum tax of 25% (now billionaires pay lower tax rates than us regular Americans)
  • ending huge tax breaks for Big Pharma, Big Oil, private jets, and executive pay
  • raising the corporate minimum tax to at least 21%
  • a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines
  • universal gun background checks 
  • stronger penalties on fentanyl trafficking

Biden wants to provide enough home care so people with disabilities can stay in their homes and family caregivers can finally get the pay they deserve!

Biden Gave Family Members Stuck Raising Children Massive Help

Biden gave grandparents and other family members stuck with a child removed from its parents the same financial help that unrelated foster parents in the child welfare system get.

  • In fact, Biden’s Dept. of Health & Human Services is taking nearly 350 actions to support family caregivers this year and over 150 actions that other levels of government and the private sector can take to support them.
  • This is the first time our federal government has worked with the private sector to champion and help family caregivers with more home and community services.

Biden & Democrats Are Fighting Violence, Crime & Gun Massacres

Under Biden, the murder rate saw its sharpest decrease in history and violent crime fell to one of the lowest levels in over 50 years.

  • In the last year of Trump’s administration, we had the largest increase in murders ever recorded.

Biden invested $15 billion in fighting crime, spending it on public safety:

  • more police officers
  • more community violence prevention workers
  • more crisis responders
  • more mental health workers
  • youth intervention and diversion programs
  • crime gun investigations
  • arresting more repeat offenders and gang members

Biden passed the most comprehensive gun safety law in 30 years, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.  This bill:

  • created incentives to encourage states to pass red flag laws to remove weapons from people found dangerous to themselves or others.
  • prevented more people found guilty of domestic abuse from owning a gun by expanding it from spouses and former spouses to also include dating partners.
  • established the first federal gun trafficking and straw purchasing law to catch people enabling gun violence.
  • Enhanced background checks for gun purchasers under 21 years old.

Biden took more executive actions to reduce gun crimes than any other president.

  • He clamped down on ghost guns.
  • He launched new law enforcement strike forces to reduce gun trafficking in the worst areas.
  • He clamped down on the worst gun dealers connected to the most gun violence.

Biden clamped down on the gun show loophole, requiring anyone who sells a firearm for profit to register for a license and conduct background checks on buyers, whether they sell:

  • through mail order
  • at flea markets
  • at gun shows
  • or online

This new rule likely applies to 23,000 more gun dealers.  But there are exemptions for those selling from their own collections or selling guns they inherited.

Biden fights to ban assault rifles and fights for universal background checks to buy any gun.

Biden established the first Office of Gun Violence Prevention in the White House.

As of mid-May, Democrats in Congress brought nearly $400 million home to their states in 2024 for public safety, for things like:

  • hiring and training police
  • improving police communications networks
  • police body cameras
  • upgrading forensic technology
  • mental health and substance abuse services
  • violence intervention and youth outreach programs

In contrast, by mid-May 2024, Republicans in Congress only brought their states and districts around $272 million for public safety.

Republicans, once the party of law and order, plan to weaken law enforcement! 

The 2024 Republican budget proposes:

  • cutting federal funds for hiring police officers nationwide
  • cutting the FBI by 6%
  • cutting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (responsible for battling gun violence and terrorism) by 7%

Biden Fights For The Poor, Women & Against Police Abuse

  • Biden protected poor Americans from evictions and foreclosures during the covid epidemic.
  • Biden set up $3.3 billion in federal grants to help improve communities that lost factory jobs or reconnect areas that got cut off from jobs, hospitals, entertainment, and other services by highways.
  • Biden fought domestic violence by ramping up enforcement of the Violence Against Women Act.
  • Biden is fighting in court for women to receive stabilizing emergency pregnancy care when it is desperately needed, such as during miscarriages, because abortion laws have made doctors afraid to save these women.
  • Biden signed an executive order to prevent and punish police misconduct.